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Saw Hunger Games. It was long but I enjoyed it.
Six kids! Wow!


Teenagers lives are unbloggable. For a variety of reasons including the right to privacy and the opportunity to correct a mistake - these two concepts are incredibly important to them. I haven't read the Hunger Games so I probably wont see the movie.


I really want to see Hunger Games. Didn't want to deal with the teenagers so I didn't see it this weekend.


Very nice SOC!
Hubbie and TJ went to see HGs. They now want to read the books. I haven't read them yet.


Saw Hunger Games in IMAX as a treat for 11-yo son doing all of his spring break homework the first day (yesterday). It was really a great way to tell the story in a PG-13 way. Not too soft, either. But, as mentioned, a bladder-buster in length! I will say there wasn't anything to wait for at the end of the credits, so when the movie is done, just go, already! LOL


Hunger Games...awesome! Unforgettable moments included the incredible tension and palpable fear when Katmiss was getting ready to enter the arena, and the heartbreaking scene with Rue. GO SEE IT!


Totally understand the unbloggable teenage years paragraph. It spoke to my heart because I related to every word (especially the part about replaying it all internally often enough). Even though I feel like I really have good kids, these years are difficult for them as well as for us. It's because we love and care for them so much.


I have found myself spilling on things that bother me about my daughter on my blog and then I erase them before I push publish. I think the act of writing it down and erasing it, for me, helps to at least let the thoughts and feelings go sometimes. BUT, that's me.
Great SOC! Congratulations on your first Eucharist Ministry moment!


I'm having enough drama with pre-teen, thanks very much. Tempers flare and words are said, but at the end of the day I just keep telling myself that this, too, shall pass. Hopefully without too much damage. Hunger Games--LOVED. My daughter and I have both read all 3 books and have had great conversations about the movie all weekend.

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