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Awww, thanks for posting my question! I've changed my workouts a bit, plus the pool is a little warmer these days, so that's made me dread swimming a little less. I'm also thinking I may sign up for a ballet class in the summer. But I'd love to hear your readers' thoughts!


I would say stop swimming for now and try something new. It's no use doing something you don't enjoy. If your gym has an indoor track, try it out. What about the machines? I for one burned out on gyms a long time ago and now I don't have time or money to try that again. I love getting outside and going for my "wogs". I walk a little and jog a little, check things out in the neighborhood, challenge myself on hills. Also, u-tube is a wonderful resource for some exercise routines! Finally, cut yourself some slack. You've seen improvement and have the desire to keep going. No worries!


My advise is to cut back on the swimming. Cut it in half or more. Use the other time to find a new activity. I did this with running for injury reasons and it made me look forward to my running days. Other activities that I do are the elliptical trainer and treadmill in the gym. As a bonus, I can read on these, which makes the time go by faster. I also do a lot of walking outside.


Why not switch up the swimming. You can do different strokes or just walk or run in the pool. It sounds like ou are just doing distance swimming. Why not switch it up with sprints. If your gym has anyone available maybe they can help you come up with a more water based work out. HTH.


I love doing water aerobics! It is so much fun and it really helps strengthen the muscles.


I agree with Liz, try switching up your swim routine. Try water jogging, do laps with just your legs or just your arms. See if they have a stroke class for adults and learn a new stroke (I still can't do the butterfly, I look like a flailing drowning idiot!). Bottom line, if you don't like it, you won't do it. Switch it up a bit, try something new.

Meredith R

See what else the gym you're paying for has to offer. Even activities that you're not sure you'll like. (You may discover a new passion.) Do they have other pool related activities that fit into your schedule? You may find that all you need is a little time off from swimming.

Amy, Chicago baby photographer

I love to swim, but I can absolutely understand getting burned out. I used to do 30 min of running on the treadmill followed by 30-40 min of a cross-fit workout with my hubby a few nights a week (yay for gym childcare!), but one night I went on my own (one of the kids threw up and hubby stayed home) and stumbled on a Zumba class. I had never thought I would like Zumba, but I figured I would give it a whirl for something different. Turned out, it was a lot of fun :). I felt like my 8 year old trying to river dance (if you are familiar with her dance style of elbow and knee tornado you get the mental image!), but I went back a second time and felt a little less clumsy. Now I'm going 3-4x a week, and it's a fabulous calorie burn (about 500 for the hour for me)! I still run a few nights a week, but maybe try something you're not sure you'll like-- you may surprise yourself!


My first thought is "What would Dr. Phil say (WWDPS)?" What is it about swimming that she is dreading? Going to the gym, the actual swimming part, what? If it is just the swimming part, then I would try something different. If it is something else then I would examine that area to see what is causing the dread.

(Stepping off of my Dr. Phil box)

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Any form of physical activity is a from of exercise. The good thing about skating is you lose weight without even knowing it since you enjoy while doing it.

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