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Sounds like a fun trip and you do look cute...but who'd pick the rainforest tour over rum? Rainforests have snakes. Rum is tasty. Yes, I'm so deep.

Those waterfalls do look really cool, though. And refreshing.

I haven't wanted to try ziplining since a friend went last year and said stopping really hurt.

Nelson's Mama

I love ziplining! The rainforest looks beautiful! My husband would have drug me to Bacardi and proceeded to analyze their distillation process and facility down to the nth degree!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

You never fail to make me laugh! What a great story and adventure.

lisa albano

SO funny!


what a scream!
and just what words were across your booty??
I'll be waiting for your text LOL

Glenda Piper

I just love your posts!!! And what were the words on your bum????


Glad you enjoyed the rainforest and were comfortable in booty shorts and braids! *g*


Thanks for the giggle.


booty butt!


Hee hee heee. Sounds like a lot of fun!


Love the pics! And from what I can see, you look adorable. :)

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