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Keep the trip stories coming! I've enjoyed everyone of them. Does that make me bad? Most have not been the greatest for you. I laugh at people falling too, but not when they get hurt. You are so funny!!


Been there did that with a white bathing suit. See-all-the-way-through when wet.... Ya trips are so much fun sometimes.


Girl - get some new shorts! I have the whitest legs on the planet and I wear them. Go get 'em! ;) (Loft has some cute ones for not too terribly much moolah and they'll hold up for more than one season and they're not see-through (no, I do not work for Loft))


YAY! for a chance to go shopping. I'm enjoying your trip stories.

Glenda Piper

I have been there - at my son's baptism. You could see my thong through my dress... CLASSY!! :-) And yes - keep these fun stories coming!!


Last week I tried on a gorgeous dress — white lace over a white slip. It looked good and was only $20 (TJ Maxx!) but fortunately I had the good sense to turn around and look at my back in the mirror. My underwear was very much on display. The dress went back on the rack.

I've also had this issue recently when trying on shirts, to the point that I'm thinking about writing to a certain store that makes inexpensive clothes for young professionals. (Not that they'd care.) Just because cute little sweaters are in and they can go a long way in hiding bra straps, cleavage, etc., doesn't mean I want or can afford for every shirt I buy to require a matching sweater. Do the people who design these clothes put ANY thought into what a woman needs to wear to look professional or just not skanky? Clearly not.

Sorry for the rant, but this is a passionate subject for me :)

Headless Mom

Sorry. Those shorts are so comfy though. Maybe a new pair of undies? ;-)

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