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Stephanie O'Dea

yay for ohm. xoox

Headless Mom

Dammit. You made me cry just before I have to go to the school, and just after I finished putting my make up on.

Love you too, friend!


OHM changed my life!

Terry Faulk

OHM saved my life, more than once! Nobody can ever say my computer friends aren't "real". My children know all of my OHM friends names and their background. My daughter got all of the teachers in her grade school last year to read Gwen's blog. Keep writing Carmen! I'd miss you so much if you ever quit.


All my friends live in the computer. It's the first time I've had friends (too shy= no friends). I'm glad to know there are others like me out there..... I'm so glad you found your friends.


Lovely bunch of coconuts....


Lovely post. So true. And yet another reason why I can't participate in those "screen-free" days or weeks. That would feel like solitary confinement for me.


i've been chatting online with the ladies i pregnant with logan for over 10 years. we started out on she knows and formed our own private board a few years. i met many of the ladies through out the years, and still check in on a daily basis.


some of my greatest friends who have been the most supportive have come from online blogging. meeting them in person is SUCH a blessing!

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