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CM Doran

Lovely...and my sentiments as well....you need to be with them, and talk to them. Thank you for writing.


Thank you! As I head into a different world with my three I continue to be a SAHM. I am there for my children and am finding it to be true that the media does a fine job of scaring us! My 'tweens' are kind, caring, and faithful kids and I am enjoying this phase. Now, yes they fight, bicker and push buttons but those moments aren't the norm.

I truly enjoyed reading this!

Sonja Holzman

Thanks so much! I enjoyed writing it! Thanks, Carmen, for the opportunity.


You've read my mind! I've been saying this for a long time. Each kid is different and don't assume the worst. Very nice article.


I think you make some excellent points here - especially about the individuality of each child. Not every child is going to be tempted by the same vices. Another thing that helps me (now that I have 2 teens) is to tune out the BS that some parents spew about their offspring. How often does it turn out that the brilliant little Susie who got straight As all through elementary school ended up at a mediocre college. Or the star soccer player at 7 dropped out of soccer at 14 because he was just plain burnt out. Life is long and things don't always turn out as planned.


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