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Well...the closest I can think of is my most recent eyebrow waxing, six weeks ago. The person who did it was so unpleasant and nasty and hurried that when she didn't offer the sensitive skin wax or put aloe or anything on my recently-stripped skin afterward, I didn't push it.

For the next week I had major breakouts around my eyebrows. And those ones eventually, gradually disappeared, only to be replaced with more on my cheeks and forehead. Six weeks later, I am back to my hardcore prescription treatment that involves peeling, burning and redness. But it's finally going away.

All because I let that stylist take out her bad day on my eyebrows. Which need to be waxed again, ugh.

Sorry to hear about your hair. I would hate having something like that in my hair longer than it was needed. But maybe it'll tame the frizz for a day or two.


Next time you need some try Argan Oil. Same stuff as Moroccan Oil only much cheaper and available at Sally Beauty stores.


Oh, I have the same hair! Perhaps I need to get some oil...


I'm looking for the oil soon. I keep keratin-ing and it's expensive!


Oh ya sure. Try this crap pushed in the back of the cupboard cuz it sez it works to "control frizz." Apparently it meant while adding a layer of grease and stickiness to the kinky mess. So ya - been there done that. Sorry :(


well my brother in law once used dog flea and tick shampoo on his hair - it was in the shower and he thought it was people shampoo. He didn't have any fleas after that so it must have worked.


No, but I did "cut" the grey out of the wispy hair in front of my ears... so now I have Spock sideburns.


Stuff like this happens to me daily. Yesterday it was the baby popping off while nursing, while simultaneously ripping off the blanket I was covering us both with, exposing my entire giant white breast to a roomful of my coworkers. At a wedding.


Have you tried Paul Mitchell's Skinny? I use it with M. Oil and it would probably work by itself as well.

karin tracy

My hair is, I think, much wavier than yours, but also suffers terribly in the humidity. A friend turned me onto Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner a year ago and it's changed my hair entirely. I dove in and bought the giant, salon-size bottle, have used it every day since February 2011, and I still have more than half left.


This story reminds me of the time I was visiting my parents. They didn't have any shampoo in the shower so I grabbed a bottle from under the sink. The bottle looked just like a fancy shampoo and said shampoo on the label. As I was shampooing my hair I took a closer look at the bottle and low and behold it was dog shampoo!!!! I could not stop laughing! The shampoo smelled great and actually worked well, who knew?


Oh Carmen, you make me laugh :) I've pulled many idiot moves - glad I'm not alone! On the upside? Just think how soft your hair will be once you finally rinse it out! (as someone w/fine hair that would spell disaster for me)


oops!!! :)

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