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This is my first EVER post on anyone's blog but I feel so emotional about it that I'm breaking my rule and doing so. Your situation is, in a nutshell, a true indication of what's wrong with America's insurance companies ruling our lives. Do you have any contacts at the VP? I do if you don't ... I'm sorry that you had to go thru this, but I think it's a great example of what DOESN'T WORK for millions of Americans abd is a story that must be told to more.

Nelson's Mama

Friend, skip the Treximet and have your doctor write you a script for generic Imitrix and just take Aleve with it. Treximet was created when the Imixtrex patent ran out. I pay less than $10 out of pocket for sumatriptan and have been reading that it may soon been available over the counter (already is in the UK).


I think we have talked about this before maybe, but Imitrex? Know anyone who goes to UK on busines? It can be bought over counter there. Extreme and sad to go to these lengths but true. That being said Imitrex makes me feel like crap, so have resorted to some alternatives, Botox, acunpuncture and Vitamin B and Magnesium supplements. Insurance does not cover botox, but recently it has been approved for migraine tx so one day it will be covered. But so worth it for me bc it is preventive, I go every 4 months for shots. It is still less expensive than losing a day or two of productivity from migraine and Imitrex hangover. In 18 mos I have only had one. I pray my kids dont't get migraines. My heart goes out to the mother in the pharmacy, so ridiculous.

Jen s

My Neuro also told me that trexamet was made up of immitrex plus aleve. Ask your doc when you go in to confirm (maybe he/she could give you another sample and you could try it), immitrex has a generic, so it's super cheap compared to my former "happy pill" that was maxalt. That being said, I think it's ridiculous that insurance companies are trying to control what patients do and do not need. Thank goodness you have an awesome pharmacist!


For this reason I keep pushing my oldest to finish school and get a job with great insurance benefits, or find a good policy, because when his Tricare coverage ends he will be in a world of hurt. His migraines have come back and after the regular meds not working he is now on injectables in addition to his regular meds that he has to take for other health issues. Tricare can be a large pain, but having seen what we could be paying for all of my children's meds and having seen what my parents have gone through with no insurance and having to pay for meds and health care, I am extremely thankful to have it and frankly kind of scared about what may happen when we no longer are covered by them.

Also I absolutely love your pharmacist and the lengths he went to in order to help you out. What an incredible guy.


This is ridiculous. God bless that pharmacist. They don't make enough money for what they have to put up with — most people in health care don't.

What stood out to me as ridiculous was the advice to go to the ER if you got a migraine since they couldn't give you the meds. We've all read the stories about how, compared to regular and good primary and specialty care, ER's are ridiculously expensive to run and cannot do much besides put band-aids on problems. And if you walk in and tell them you're having a migraine you can't get rid of, their approach will likely be to assume worst case scenario and run a bunch of scans and other tests. Understandable because they don't want to risk ignoring a stroke, aneurysm or brain tumor, but also something your specialist has already determined you don't need.

I'm by no means a financial or insurance expert, but it seems like if I ran an insurance company, the basic idea would be to take in as much as possible while paying out as little as possible. We see that in some insurance company horror stories, but their treatment of you is bizarre from many perspectives.


I totally ran into the same issue when filling my cymbalta, which I use for controlling my weekly migraines. The insurance company wanted me to try all other anti-depressants - and I was trying to explain that I don't take it for the depression, but for migraines and therefore, other meds don't/won't work. It was a pain in the ass - thank god for my doctor supplying me with samples. But when I had to go through it all over again this year, I just gave up. Luckily at the same time, I want back to being gluten free/sugar free and (knock on wood) no migraines. I have a stash of imitrex and aleve if I should need it, but that goodness I have been lucky so far this year. Also, I hate Walgreens because not only is my pharmacist not as nice as yours, but they also stopped taking my insurance at the end of last year causing all sorts of problems.

Good luck with your RX woes and thank heavens for your pharmacist.


Oh I feel your pain. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks and after years had finally found a medication that worked and was getting better and my insurance company CHANGED MY DOSE on me suddenly (decided I could only have 30 pills per 30 days and I needed 45 because I was taking 1.5 pills a day), which wasn't enough to allow me to be functional. I was forced to pay out of pocket for 2 months because you have to do a slow taper of the medication and can't just change your dose suddenly. My doctor finally got approval after those 2 months, but it was definitely a battle. SO annoying.


I use sumatriptan (generic imitrex) too. Works for me! Might be worth a try if you haven't already. :)

We are currently in a law suit with our insurance company. My youngest daughter had an AVM under her eye. It needed to be removed before the pressure affected her vision. Insurance said it was cosmetic. Really? Six months later it ruptured and she had to have emergency surgery before her vision was permanently affected. The insurance isn't paying saying we needed pre-approval...ummmm we tried that.


As a fellow migraine sufferer with a cabinet FULL of medicines that didn't work, I just ... MAN. It all makes less than no sense.


My blood pressure just rises from reading about this. Hope this doesn't bring about a migraine for u. :)


what a mess. What happened to the Doctor being the Prescriber?

karin tracy

That was painful to read. I'm glad you have such an engaged and patient pharmacist. I can tell you, without hesitation, that my local Target pharmacy would NEVER go to these lengths to help.


Blessings to your pharmacist and hugs to you for having to put up with your insurance company. My hubs takes imatrex for his migraines, but luckily hasn't needed it for a while as it was crazy expensive for a long time.


I wish every insurance company could read this post. But that would make too much sense and someone would have to admit they were wrong.


I used to suffer from migrains every other month or so. I was put on metoprolol for my blood pressure. Iread up on all my meds. Metoprolol is also a migrain preventer.In the last 4 years,I have had one migrain and that was because the doc accidentally switched my BP pills to something else. Needless to say, I am back on metoprolol and no miagraines. Praise the Lord!


This just made me mad (on your behalf).


And if your insurance premiums are like most people, with a big family your husband's check has to take a huge hit just to maintain this crappy level of service. Ugh.


Horrible. And I agree - BLESS that pharmacist. What a gem he is.
Sadly, I don't think Obamacare is going to improve these kinds of situations. I hope I'm wrong.


That is awful!! Just one thought about your potential triggers. You say that you avoid artificial sweeteners, but you were buying diet coke. Do you think that might be causing the migraines? I know lots of people who are very sensitive to aspartame.


Good lord! In Australia, I go to my doctor, get a prescription, go to the chemist and get the drug. There is no phone calls. Then I take it. I then claim whatever refund I can back from the public and private health insurance if necessary. If I need to go to the ER, I walk in and get treated for free. I don't think I've ever paid more than $70 for a prescription of anything, ever. And my family of 2 adults and 4 kids pays $6500/year for top-tier private health insurance , which isn't linked to employment. The only time I use it is when I need to get an MRI/xray etc or dentists/specialists and they don't cost me thousands. Last MRI I had this year was free at a private clinic, and done within two weeks. X-rays etc, maybe $80 per session. If I go public it's all free. I'm sorry, but from all the way over here - your system seems totally wacko. I hear stories like yours on the news and stuff and I seriously just don't believe it. It's utterly unreal. I am so sorry you have to go through that just for a migraine drug. It's appalling.


Mad props to the pharmacist! So sorry you had to endure that. Hope it gets better.


Bless the pharmasist! The dispute with the insurance? Sounds VERY familiar. Don't get me started. Insurance companies and cell phone companies can have me in tears of fristration very quickly.


i want your pharmacist as an advocate for me. really have a great pharmacist. boo, boo, boo on the insurance company. i hate insurance companies, but they are SO necessary. it's like they role dice and decide at that time what is best for you. SO glad you got your meds.


My insurance company told me they would no longer cover Treximet for me. I only had it filled 1 time....I think it is ridiculous that we, the ones with the migraines or any other ailment for that matter, are made to suffer because somebody at the insurance company thinks they know our bodies better than we do! Thank goodness Maxalt also works for me and will knock out my migraines...Awesome that you have a pharmacist that will do that for you. Glad you got your medicine!

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