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I hope you get your answers! I've had terrible stomachaches in the past. I really feel for anyone who has to endure one for a year.


When my kid was age 6 she had a chronic stomach ache, which led to tums, then prevacid, then a GI consult, and then finally an upper GI. It showed . . .nothing. Maybe it was the prevacid that she had been taking for a year or she just had anxiety that manifested as a stomach ache. We never knew for sure. But it did resolve just the same. It would have been nice to have a definitive answer, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.


I want to add: good luck to you both tomorrow. I'll pray for you and Child X. Ice cream is definitely called for after that.


I feel Child X's pain too. Have lived with stomach aches off and on for years. I was lactose intolerant for a very long time but am nolonger. I was diagnosed with esinophil esophagitis. One of the very first person's with it in my area and the first for my allergist. After having lived with it for nearly 5 years, it is 100% under control with diet and no more belly aches! Plus bathroom trips are now normal. Yay!

Ther is hope!

Missy Cochran

Someone close to me had similar issues for years, but found his troubles cleared up with Paxil! Addressing anxiety issues solved crippling, long-standing stomach issues. Just putting that out there in case your testing does not provide useful answers!


I've got one kid that was born with GERD. The meds that actually helped were pulled off the market--I understand why---they were risky. But the cocktail the doc had created worked. So, now I've got a 17 year old kid who really has never known a day of his life without stomach pain or heartburn. He's so tired of docs, tests and everything that goes with trying to figure out why---it has become difficult to continue to fix. Good Luck I hope you get some answers. We've been on a break this past school year---after reading your post I'm motivated to try again! Thanks


I hope you get definitive answers, I will pray for you!


Had similar stomach issues for a very long time and found that it wasn't the lactose but the protein in dairy that was killing (or at least I thought it was trying). Being on a lactose free diet helped because it cut out so many of the casein sources but being even more strict I feel fabulous. This protein is added to things like "lactose-free" protein bars, sausages and endless other things. I don't know if this helps but I feel for your family-nothing is harder than watching a child suffer. Praying that you get answers and cures!


My son has this same problem. Each time I took him to the doctor, we got the same thing, constipation. He constantly had a stomach ache. Nothing we did helped. Finally took him to a chiropractor that specializes in children. She put him on a natural ProBiotic that we got at a vitamin shop. And she did an adjustment on the lower back that affects the intestines. What a difference! I know some people are reluctant to try chiropractic care, but it has eliminated the problem. Good luck to you, I hope you get some answers.


Good luck hon. We've been down this road so many times with our oldest. Went through 3 different GI docs in Denver. The leading specialists in EE are in Denver, and are wonderful. While it turned out he doesn't have EE, it was good to rule that out.
For him it's a combo of diet and reduction of anxiety that's helped. He's gluten and dairy free, is besties with Miralax, and his anxiety plummeted when I started homeschooling him. But I know it's likely to crop back up when I least expect it.
Hope you get some answers today. :)


Has child x been tested for Pylori Bacteria? or Geardia?


It took a long time to figure out my main problem was lactose intolerance, but like Camilla (above) I need to watch out for other milk products (e.g., whey, casein) that pop up everywhere. Also, I find Maalox Advanced tablets work much better than TUMS due to the addition of simethicone.


I have nothing important to add other that I'll keep y'all in my thoughts and sending good wishes!


Is child x ok?
I had an upper GI when I was a kid and I flipped out
Hope everything turned out OK!


mine is IBS but wheat(gluten) has tendencey to kick it up a notch of bloating and other issues. No cealics so I just avoid the wheat and consider myself wheat intolerant. Also, it is noted that if you have a thyroid condition that adds to some stomach problems.

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