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My daughter's only 9, but my beauty advice to her--hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I think it makes such a difference to health and skin appearance.


I make sure the girls wear sunblock and tell them why! When I was young I would use tanning oil instead and am now paying the price. Too many wrinkles and skin cancer scares!


Also, if you look better in a full piece, don't be afraid to wear one. I always wore bikinis because I thought I, being a teen, was "supposed to". I would have been a lot happier in a cute full piece.

Angela Maddox

I am working on doing better at using sunblock on the kids. This summer has been more about helping my daughters with shaving though. Using the right products, making sure to moisturize, etc. It is going way to fast!


My daughter is only 5 but I always tell her to put on sunblock before going outside and to drink lots of water especially in these 100 degree temps outside its brutal.

Jennifer B

My story is quite funny now, but in high school, not so much. I was going out somewhere and was running late, so I took a super! quick! shower and shave. Except that I missed a 2" strip from my knee to ankle. Andddddd I didnt notice until the person I was looking to impress made a comment about it. As in "why is your leg spiky?"

Good news is I recovered, eventually.


I used Sun In once at a party in junior high and my hair turned orange, it was awful!

Beth a.

Biggest tip to give girls...take your time while shaving. The only time I've ever cut myself was when I was in a hurry while shaving.


Just thinking about all of the bikini tops I've lost over the years. Anyhow, my best summer beauty routine is keeping my perfume in the fridge. Right next to my face cream. Because evaporation is a bitch.

Colleen Pyron

An old "Hint from Heloise" suggested using hair conditioner as a substitute for shaving cream. Works like a charm! To my daughter? She's 10. The tip she hears most often from me is "Brush your hair"!


I wasn't allowed to shave my legs until I was 16. RIGHT. So, of course, I sneaked a razor and tried to figure it out. Except I didn't know about shaving cream. One 2" long piece of skin and a gallon of blood later, I stopped and looked into my Teen Magazine for shaving tips ... for next time!


My tip: After you apply sunscreen to your face, don't fall asleep on your stomach with your face on the sand. You will inevitably be woken by your boyfriend who will want to introduce you to someone and when you stand up, your face will be COVERED with sand. Not a good look.

Not uh that this ever happened to me or anything. ;-)


My 11 year old is ready to start shaving her arm pits but she has yet to do it because every time she takes a shower she doesn't want to take the time. So my advice to her was to not hurry through it. Never shave in a hurry.


NEVER EVER shave your legs dry. Ever. Sadly, I did not have a chance to tell my daughter this before she (and her friend) painfully discovered this while camping. But as they say, sometimes you have to learn the hard way!!


No children . . but I recommend always wearing sunscreen on your face and when in the sun, put on a hat.


My mother always told me to use plenty of sunscreen. She has great skin so I know this is so important!

mami2jcn at gmail dot com



Jessica To

My mother always said to moisturize and wear sunscreen whenever you're outside.


No kids and not specific to summer but I've always thought if I had a daughter I'd have her using eye cream from a very young age - delicate skin around the eyes needs moisture regardless of skin type. Also, always wear sunglasses when outside. I'm 40 w/only the faintest hint of crows feet.


I remember telling my daughter to always use moisturizer on her skin, and to keep away from the sun.




becky dunnell

i used sun-in...the summer between 8th and 9th grade...i also got a perm (permanent wave) that summer...by the time we did school pictures in mid-september, the blonde was growing out, and a permanent wave was not near as cool as i may have thought it would be! ugh!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, oh and drink water!

Emily C

I don't have a daughter, but I do have girlfriends.

My favorite summer tip is shaving with baby oil. It's cheap, it doesn't wash off my legs too readily, and it moisturizes all morning.


I remember Sun In! It never did much for me, but I remember trying lemon juice, too. My big bad summer thing was that I used those "streak" hair bleach kits once. I left it in too long and ended up with thick yellow streaks. Tips I give my Daughter are to use moisturizer after shaving, to replace her razor (disposable) often and to use sunblock.

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