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It's a great feeling when you can transcend yourself to handle situations and people more appropriately, especially when you need to call people on their stuff. Not always comfortable but a necessary thing sometimes. Welcome, maturity! Good for you, Carmen!


Amen! I read a wonderful article recently about Fr. John Neuhaus (deceased) how he was always ALWAYS true to his self, faith - even at the risk of not having certain connections/or friends. I believe in the saying - if all you have is friends - and no enemies, you're doing something wrong. That does not mean - looking to be enemies (which I am certain some do) but never compromising your true self.



Thanks, Carmen, I needed to hear this today. Still struggle with this one!


Feels great to work your way over to that side doesn't it? Congratulations.


I wish there was a like button I could press. Good stuff Carmen.

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