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That really stinks, Carmen. :( Whether I went with option 1 or 2 would probably depend on how much the cost was. (Do they do trials for these sorts of procedures like with drug trials? Probably not). Good luck in making your decision.

Jill H

I would go back to PT first. Pre-op PT is a good idea because it helps get the muscles surrounding the area in better shape before surgery, should you go that route. Then you go back after surgery. just my .02!!

Alana Sheldahl

That sucks, I'm so sorry. I have no advice.


There are no good choices there! I am so sorry. Constant pain is demoralizing. I hope you find a workable solution.


Carmen, I adore you. You are a very active person. You need to take care of you to make sure you are able to remain active well into your 80/90's. I don't think that #3 is an option. I think you need the MRI to make sure you know what is wrong. If the doctor can say 80% that's what it is without it, then don't get it and move forwards on the big decision.

Now for the big decision: how much of a risk is the PRP to not correct for your issue? If it's way cheaper, then it might be cheaper than your co-pay with having insurance cover the surgery.

Another thing to consider is that some doctors will work out a plan with you. Either cutting out some of their charges or working through a payment plan.

Again, I think you are worth it. It is expensive, but you deserve to be healthy and active too. Good luck!

Mary Ostyn (Owlhaven)

Def not #3. Sorry, I can really sympathize. I've had lots of (granted, smaller) injuries since I began running 2 years ago and it stinks when the aches hang on for months.


Get one or two more opinions. And go to a teaching hospital.

Nelson's Mama

Tough decision, but I'd probably go with option 1. I don't like to hurt and don't like having my style cramped :)

I need a frequent flier discount at my ortho's office: 1 hip scope and 3 shoulder surgeries.

Don't keep messing around with it...


#3 is NOT an option. The teaching hospital idea is a good one. If it's bothering you this much at this age, just think how much fun this will be (or debilitating) as you get a little bit older. Ugh. Get it fixed now. It's gone on way too long.


That really stinks. Go get it fixed. You are worth taking care of.


While I can't even imagine the discomfort and pain you must be in, I have to say that if it were me I'd go ahead with number one. It's a delay in working out, BUT to have it done now instead of some year in the future means you'll heal better now. And to ignore it and hope it goes away doesn't sound like it's worked so far.
Best wishes for whatever you decide.


I think my brother is having the same type of surgery.

Headless Mom

Teaching hosp. and 2nd opinion. Perhaps have the dr. office petition the insurance co to see if they'll cover more?

This sucks. I'm so sorry.


I'm sorry this is happening to you. I wish I could take the pain away.

And over $2,000 for an MRI?! Wowsa. That's stinky insurance!

Laura H.

I'm so sorry this is happening! I don't have any strong advice about which option (except to do the 2nd one, see if insurance can somehow be persuaded to cover it) but I don't think the 3rd one is the best idea. Long recovery time is better than the forseeable future, no? Anyway ((((hugs)))) and keep us posted, cause we truly care.


I have just hurt mine and not sure how. I have been limping a long for nearly a month..doing my cub scout camps and hurting!!!! Two more camps after this week and then I can really rest my leg. I do know motrin and Advil to help with the swelling and pain. Stretching too.

Hang in there!


I had PRP that took the blood drawn from me and centrifuged it for platelets only and injected them onto an achilles tear and was wowed at the results. I was still in a boot, but the tear completely healed. Then less than a year later, I went with another procedure to work on the other side, a machine that uses ultrasound to break up calcifications and remove the residue with a minivacuumn. And along with that we injected whole blood directly into a tear on the other achiles. It didn't heal as well as the PRP side's tear. I'm going back for a follow-up next month and think I'm going to go with the PRP for the left side as well to heal any remaining tears. My problem is I want to do the jumps & kicks in TKD and I never take time for the injuries to heal completely, so I've always got something torn or healing.


PS on both of these non insurance covered treatments (one of which pissed me off -- because the last treatment would have been covered if I lived in Chicago or Seattle but was denied as experimental in Montana) my doctor allowed me to make monthly payments.

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