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I hate to think that I am getting closer to 50 each year. I will be 47 this year. I can't even bear the thought of 50. Where did the time go? I was just meeting my husband! I was just bringing babies home! How does it go by so fast?

Nelson's Mama

Fifty used to sound really old, but I turned fifty last month.

I don't FEEL fifty and don't think I look fifty (if I say so myself) and I have no intentions of acting fifty.

Angie Maddox

I have been fighting the feeling of aging with working out the last couple of months. It helps me feel like I can at least have a fighting change against some of the pitfalls of aging.


The song, "100 years" brings me to tears every time - but both sad and good tears. I love the wisdom that comes with aging (I'm 47.5), and the fact that with age comes a certain amount of respect. I don't look forward to my body aging though. I am trying now to really, really focus on myself so that I can continue to be active until 100! That's something that I didn't do when I was younger and raising my 6 kids.

Emily C

You know, part of many twelve step programs includes living right now. I can't change the choices I've already made, and tomorrow isn't here yet, but if I can live in the now and pay attention to what I'm doing life can be so wonderful!

I can choose right now to do something I won't regret (like hug my kids).


Aging stinks. There. I said it. I remember being a teenager and thinking to myself, I can't even imagine what I'll be like at 26. And here I am, on the downhill slide to 30. Can't hardly believe time as gone as fast as it has.


I think that exercise is such a key factor in feeling good as we age. I'll be 44 this year and I feel strong. I don't always love the way I look, however, I don't beat myself up as much as I used to.


I don't mind getting old--I mind feeling old. The older I get, the more I want to take good care of myself with good, whole foods and a little exercise. At 44, I'm as happy as I've ever been: I have the perspective to appreciate what I have, and, God willing, more time ahead of me to enjoy it.

becky dunnell

Getting old is not part of my reality! I am 33 and a middle school teacher...my socks do not always match...I listen to One Direction...I read young adult lit...I refuse to become a "grown up" until I am good and ready to!!

Tracy Robertson

I'm in my 40s now and am lucky that I feel younger in a lot of ways, but one thing I love about now is how I am much more in control of my emotions. I'm guessing this happens to all women? When I was younger, I was way too sensitive and my feelings were easily hurt. Sometimes I would cry at inappropriate times. Like if someone gave me a hard time at work, I would break down in tears...it was awful and embarassing! Now I am much more confident and "tears" rarely come no matter what.


As I get older (I am 43) I realize how wonderful my parents and my childhood was!


I am going to turn 46 this year, I can't believe it. I work in the healthcare industry .. Mostly with older individuals and it has really opened my eyes to how important it is to take care of yourself when you are young or you will pay the price. The thought of aging scares me.


I just turned 41, but I don't feel it. I have young boys (3 and 8) and I just concentrate on them right now. Maybe when they are less needy (ha!) I will start to feel my age... Right now i just don't have time :)


I am definitely not a free spirit when it comes to aging. I am fighting it tooth and nail with everything I got!


Take care of your body. Take care of your mind. Love the people around you. Give back to the world. If you're worried about aging, your spending your energy on the wrong stuff.

Katie Fleck

I often work with the elderly and I've seen 50 year olds that act "old" and on death's door and then there's 90 year olds that look 50 & act like they are 30. The key seems to be "never stop moving". The happiest and healthiest elderly stay involved in something, their family, their work, their community. I want to be that way, I plan to keep learning new things and staying physically active always.

Jen S

I am not really fighting the aging process, besides coloring my hair. I find it hard to believe I'm as old as I am though. My kids can make me feel old sometimes, but they mostly keep me young (hide and seek anyone?). I try to live in the moment, exercise when I can and laugh as much as possible.

Kelly H

I think if you are fit and regularly exercise and eat well, getting older doesn't feel so awful. I'm only 41 but I feel better at this age than I have since my early 20s. Plus, I like who I am now and expect to only refine who I am more as the years happen. That, and I don't look too closely at wrinkles in the mirror.


I never had trouble with aging until I turned 35. The supposed "advanced maternal age" was depressing-- even though I have four children and do not plan on having any more. I had to think about all the fun things I can do with my growing children/ pre-teens that I couldn't do with babies and toddlers. Its a whole new world of possibilies and fun stuff.


I'm 51, but in my mind still feel like late 20's, even though I'm going thru some health issues (spine stuff). Mentally I still feel young, yea my body is kinda going out and I have glaucoma, I still feel young at heart


I want to see my kids grow up and get married some day, getting old isn't all bad


I look forward to retirement and traveling in my “old age”


31 is already too old for me, but with age comes freedom to say whatever you want and get away with it!

Kelly D

I hope for the best and realize that I cannot sit around dwelling on growing old. I look to older people around me who are doing well as a source of inspiration.


I try to keep moving when I feel sad about getting older. If I can't run, then I walk.

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