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I can't find the question on your post???


"it gives you visibly more beautiful skin in just one week."

Only if your skin iw dirty and really dry, because a moisturizing body wash can't do anything except get you clean and add some temporary moisture to your skin. I know you want to monetize your blog, but to turn it into a giant commercial parroting the product's advertising hype is just way too much. Please don't taint your lovely blog this way.


Not happy with an advertisement post :( I can turn on tv to get that!!


I like your posts that review items. I don't have to pay for something to see if I might like it--I already know if something is worth a try. Thanks!


I know what you mean by your nice products disappearing. That happened with a bath product of mine and then my daughter used it Luckily she has a job now and buys her own. (Just FYI, I don't mind the blog post as I realize this is how you support your family.) And like the above commenter I like your review posts, I'm usually introduced to new products to try.


I wanted to comment on your next post but this one will have to do. I totally forget that people get money for the ads on their blog since I rarely click through from the rss feed so I will try and click through more often so that I am not being so much of a bludger! My apologies (I am not being sarcastic, though I can see how this might come across that way).


@Janyll - the hype reminds me of when I see a 'teens, look at this product for instant acne disappearance' commercial - sure, if you wash your face multiple times a day with anything, you aren't going to experience acne. If you still do, the fancy order stuff wouldn't have fixed your problem anyway!

I figured I was the only one who didn't care for the product pushing so I never said anything and didn't click over to read the comments. Reading today's post defending the right to make money from the blog made me realize others don't care for the timeshare sentiment either and had voiced their opinions.

Friendly feedback: I don't read the advertising posts and if they pop up too often from the same blogger, I just remove the blogger from my lineup. That's not meant as criticism - it's obviously your blog and you're clearly making some money from it - just info for your stats. There's plenty of bloggers out there for people to become and readers to view...sometimes those two categories just don't mesh.


I just read your other post, and since comments are closed, I'm going to do what you probably don't want me to do and comment here. Because I'm a good listener like that.

Just wanted to say I enjoy ALL your posts, even the review ones. If I have to be exposed to ads, I'd much rather see them tucked quietly away on the side of your blog or through a well-written product review than those splashy ones that come up on my local newspaper's site and cover half the content.

Plus, your reviews are usually about products that I might use.

I'm just curious how you decide what goes up here versus what goes on your other site?

Keep them coming, I'll read them! And I just might try the products.


I loved this post, as usual. I know I can count on consistent QUALITY reading here. Rock on Carmen!


I need to clarify my comment in light of today's post--I have no problem with ads and sponsored posts, and no problem with reading your honest thoughts aboutthe products you try. I do object to your using over-the-top language taken straight from the manufacturer's marketing department (the "visibly more beautiful a skin" stuff) and making it sound like it's your own considered opinion. This damages your credibility.

Ms.Notsoslim Shady

Yo Carmen,
This is your blog & you can put whatever the heck you want on it. I am not a motorcycle fan but am not going to complain because you're posting about how much you love Harleys!
Since you can't make us all happy all of the time (otherwise you would include many more posts about what I love ie brownies and Margaritas from a can!)I say slap a disclaimer at the top of your page.
Throw in your review posts when you see fit & we can read them or just skip it & look forward to your next post about something awesome like the latest movie you saw :)
Your regular readers KNOW you don't enjoy putting reviews in this space but I don't think it's necessary to explain/apologize or defend this necessary evil. (is it really evil when accompanied by a big fat gift card opportunity? lol)
The majority of us get it, whether we like it or not.
I'll second Sylvia:


Keep writing. It's your blog. It's your choice. I'm not going anywhere.


I love the Dove products, especially the shampoo.


People bitch about the economy and then they bitch about someone making a buck... sigh...


I'm really curious...why is it 'bitching' if someone simply disagrees or posts a differing opinion? It seems to be more and more common in today's social world. I don't think it's text-interpretive because I've seen it in face2face discussions where context and tone of voice are included so I can't really attribute it to the starkness of email.


This is totally your blog and although we have virtually nothing in common -- catholic vs. spiritual, 6 kids vs. none, unmarried vs. married, east coast vs. Los Angeles, and I'm sure lots others --- but I still check your blog daily and your healthy connection to your kids, husband, and self is something I admire and hope to emulate one day. I feel like you put up an honest, real, sometimes uncomfortable view of yourself and your life which I respond to and respect.
You have said things I disagree with BUT again, it's your blog and their isn't a "friendship" I have that hasn't involved some form of healthy and respectful disagreement.
This is your blog and the ads don't get in the way of me enjoying our "friendship" or peek into your life.
Keep on keeping on, Carmen!


Love the Dove bodywash. And same here on daughter borrowing all my products. Five days out of seven I can not find a brush or comb after I towel dry my hair. I did buy her one just like mine but nicer w a cute paisley pattern. Apparently she needs several.

Glenda Piper

I love your blog. Sponsored posts that you support are ok by me - screw the badmouthers


I just clicked all your adds. Then refreshed and did it again. You go girl. And Dove is good stuff.


Yes, your blog, but my choice to read-- and I am assaulted with enough ads everywhere, thanks. I agree that you do have to earn a living, but it will be with one fewer reader, who enjoyed your (non-sponsored) commentary. Sorry, but dredging through all of the ads is tiring. Best wishes to you.

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