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I GREW UP at K.D. ! Love it there, and that Rebel Yell? Memories! Saw Rick Springfield there. Got Season Passes when my kids were young instead of paying for a pool pass.

Divide and conquer; it's the only way. Great idea about the colored wrist bands, too.


I haven't been to Kings Dominion in years, but I might have to go back soon. I'm 29 and it still sounds awesome! The Rebel Yell is the one with both a backwards and forwards track, right? That one was always my favorite, although forward was surprisingly more fun than backwards.

I've been fortunate to date guys who love roller coasters as much as me, so we don't have to worry about dividing up. I remember when I was a kid my parents would get sick of the nausea-inducing rides and take turns going with me. We had the experience at KD of waiting in line for ages to discover I was just a tiny bit too short for the ride, so I'm glad to hear they've come up with a solution to that.


Looks like an awesome Day!!! we took the boys this past week to Upper Clements park in Nova Scotia. I have to tell you sometimes being the holder of all "things" is great for a level 1 rider like me. :P


I'm with you, the carousel is about as adventurous as I get at theme parks. I'm the one waiting and watching while the hubs and the kids ride the roller coasters. If Son is too small, he stands with me or we find something near by for him to ride where Daughter and hubs can meet us.


Our big familia loves theme parks! I'm jealous of the snoopy theme too cute. We have Canobie Lake Park in New England. It's been our father's day tradition for years (cuz dad's get in free haha)
I'm a roller coaster lovah.

Veronica Dowdy

I go to Knott's Berry Farm in California, it's a GREAT theme park and also from the Cedar family of amusement parks. We love it because my hubby was in the Marine for 8 1/2 years so in November, in celebration of Veteran's day we're allowed to get in for free (2 adults) and we pay for my daughter's pass. I think all Cedars Parks offer that. :)


I love the rides at theme parks and King's Dominion is one of my favs but that is so great that it made for such a great family day. I never noticed the lack of electronics but being without them truly does make it easier to connect.


I grew up at Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. The divide and conquer works best for us. I will do some roller coasters not all of them. And that Crypt thing! nope not going.


Kings Dominion is the only true amusement park I have ever been to. Went twice when out in Virginia visiting family. LOVED it. Would love to take my kids, but alas, Virginia is a teeny tiny bit too far away. Someday though.


It's probably been close to twenty years since I've been there, but I have nothing but fond memories. I would love to go there again some day soon. When I was little, our huge family couldn't afford trips or vacations, but once a year we loaded up the van (sound familiar?) and made the 3 hour trip down from Baltimore. It was awesome! And who doesn't like Snoopy? Must get there soon.

Desperate Housedad

Looks like a lot of fun. I've only got a 10 month old at home, but I have fond memories of my family's trips to parks when I was young. Thanks for sharing!


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