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I learned that *sad face* to sign up I need a blog URL. I guess I need to start one, or make one up HA! But hello new pudding flavors- I LOVE good pudding!
I also love their tips & shortcuts section & the recipe section is nice- I feel like we always have vegetable+steam+butter=boring...
they had a bunch of strictly vegetable recipes all together. And the substitution page is handy too!
Great site thanks for sharing!


I learned that they have the recipe resources on their site


i like the the recipe resources!!


I learned that they have recipe resources and coupon offers.

marci h

i'll be using the seasonal recipes very soon :)

marci h
tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

Amanda Sakovitz

I learned they have a feature called Seasonal Spotlight with specific season tips!

pokergrl8 at gmail.com

Jessica To

I learned that they have a great section called Recipe Resources.

Lisa Brown

I learned that there is a great recipe resources section on The Dish
jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com


I learned there's an article for each month, telling what dishes would contain season ingredients. love that!


Just asking' this is the same Con Agra in books such as Fast Food Nation?

Baby Shower Invitations

the "baby footprints" cards are more popular and we can create them in simple way.we can add this "baby footprints"in background of invitation also.

Angela Maddox

I love the idea of posting recipes for fruits and veggies that are currently in season. Great idea!


I learned that there's a greek frozen yogurt on the First Look First Taste section. Hello? Frozen yogurt? YUM!


i learned that hebrew national is having a snap and share contest via the dish


I learned that the recipe resources are even more helpful becauase they state how many ingedients and put the reviews into categories (i.e. picky eaters at home).


I found some yummmy looking summer recipes

Tina M

I learned that they have the recipe resources on the website

Kelly D

I learned their recipe resources section has a collection of the top-rated recipes from ConAgra Foods

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