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oh how I hate that game of chicken. we have no sidewalks here, it's all rural road. Pretty with all the trees in the fall but dangerous. And what is it with drivers that don't help kids learn the rules of the road. :(

Paul Rees

I am so agreeing with you on your country music stance :-)

Headless Mom

Doing this!


my kids playing happily together
happy husband
a good meal
hot showers
a good night's sleep(pipe dream for sure)
freshly baked goods
brownies especially

people lacking a sense of humor
green beans (all cooked veggies actually)
folding & putting away laundry
unloading dishwasher


I'll have to think about this one. I do agree with the country music one, though.


I don't like people who courtesy laugh. Especially when you know they didn't listen to a word you just said.

Nelson's Mama

a shower after a long day at the beach
my husband and kids
old country music
my sweet dog
the smell of tobacco being fired in the barn
a good martini
political posts on FB
slow drivers


Hi - cold pea & shrimp salad? Recipe? Please? ;)


Tell me more about blocking people from your Facebook feed? I have "friends" term used lightly, who must spend all day sitting on their asses posting nothing but save me sob stories from every damn animal rescue from here to kingdom come
Oh that would go under the hate column



A good long sweaty run followed by a hot steamy shower

The sound of my kids laughing

Cape Cod

People who can make me laugh

Laughing so hard my stomach hurts

Autumn in New England

My Iphone(serious love!!)

My friends who totally "get me"

My husband and kids

My dog(the best dog ever)


Rude snobby people

People who Lie


Shopping(I would love to do all my shopping via internet)

People who interrupt


If you don't like beer, you just haven't had GOOD beer! I used to be a beer hater too. Turns out I just don't like cheap beer! Hubby and I joke about being "beer snobs", but it's true. If you want some suggestions, I'd be happy to help! Of course, I prefer wine. Also, I wish the Guess jeans with all of the pockets and/or the jean jackets that were popular in the '80s would come back! I HAVE TO HAVE pockets or I go bananas!! Love your lists.


You only think you don't like country music...! I used to call it "crying music" then I moved to the Carolinas, now I LOVE it!

becky dunnell

did mine :)


Finally got around to doing mine:

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