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I agree Office is essential, though for me it's always been the essential product I love to hate. I don't have a full version on my laptop at home because I didn't want to pay so much for it. I have a trial version, which has long since expired, so I can read stuff in it but I can't edit or save. I use a free product called Open Office, and it works pretty well, but I have to admit I miss the compatibility of Word. Everyone has it.

I found out I can buy Office at the university bookstore with my ID for $15. I really need to do that.

I use Word and Excel all the time for work. I'm amazed at how much I do in Excel, which I hated learning and never thought I'd need to use since I wasn't going into math or business. I was wrong. In a job where I have to always prove my results, I create charts, graphs and spreadsheets all the time.


I use Office at the office and while I don't love the changes in the 2010 rollout I'm adjusting; it's still the most user-friendly product out there to meet a variety of needs. Have your kids tried One Note? It's great for creating a virtual binder of notes separated by topics (classes?).

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