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I'm hoping that this wont happen any more this year but I know for a fact that it takes a long time.


Well shoot I'm so unpopular I don't even have enough friends to HAVE a FB page :)

This was an awesome post btw! Good reminders for everyone...
Except I'm sorry there was a repeat of whatever the thing was :( But so glad some people got on top of it for you.

Won't pry but if it's a salted frozen lime beverage worthy convo.... we're due!


Relections are good. Hope the year gets better and is not a repeat.


-->I don't understand why the situation with your son makes you unpopular. I saw quite a rally to your side on the FB post.
If anything, the other child and his parents should be the unpopular ones for letting the behavior be repeated again this year.

Keep the faith. I am sure it will get better.

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