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I think my book would be the same title as my blog, which is why I picked it. Eventually, Someday, Maybe.

It's the best way to express my approach to life - if I get to it, great. If it happens, awesome. But I'm just here to enjoy the ride. I'll grow up and be an adult about life...eventually...someday...maybe.

Or, possibly, I'd use the title I had for a set of short stories I wrote - Something With A Little More Truth.

Regardless, I'll be perfectly happy if my book is ignored, dusty on a shelf. I don't want my name known. I don't want fame or fortune. I just want to write my book as I go.


Do you have cliff notes available now? I'd like to check out a few chapters lol

Title of my book? How long do we have for this assignment? It would probably take me years to think of one. Oh wait there you go:

Master Procrastinator


title of my book..."winging it!"

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