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I also love Dove - if only they made a sulfate free formula. I've found that sulfates really dull up my color and make it brassy. I do love the dove shine serum (it's just as good as morrocan oil, only cheaper)


I've tried the Dove shampoo and it makes my head itch. However, because of being hypothyroid my hair falls out. A lot. I may have to give this conditioner a try.


Not enough hair... but I am a natural blonde and have natural high & low lights that make people envy what little hair I have, so there's that...


I will give it a try. The expensive stuff is only slightly better than the store brand now. So, why not? Not a great reason I know. Super Frizz is my issue. Like WOW!

Beth A.

My biggest hair issue is frizziness...and I combat that with Moraccan oil.


I have naturally wavy hair so I'm always, always, ALWAYS fighting frizz. I've not tried DOVE yet, but am willing. Maybe it'll be the product that does the trick because nothing else has worked!!


I haven't tried it in a long time.

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