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Bring on the food. I can't travel empty handed. I need a back up plan.


argh. hate that traveling food thing. Good thing you had Fig Newtons along.... Have fun at the conference.


I never remember food. Drinks, yes, food no. Hope you're having a good time!


You missed nothing at that Steak and Shake (F-burg I assume). One of the worst places I've ever been service-wise and I actually like Steak and Shake.


See I'm with you - bring food avoid all hassles like this. So aggravating! Enjoy your trip.


we do a lot of road trips and our rule is if we cannot see the restaurant/gas station from the road, we are not stopping. lol. too many wild goose chases!! it is so irritating!

Katie Fleck

Were you in Maryland? When I lived there, I felt that ALL the interstate signs lied. Like the Chick-fil-A? Was probably 8 miles off the interstate and required you to go over the river and through the woods. It's crazy. I used to go grocery shopping at a store 5 miles away until someone told me that there was a Safeway down a "driveway" behind a bunch of trees just half a mile from my house. Sign anywhere near the road? Nope.

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