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So glad you didn't have any damage. I have thought about you today. Stay safe!

Headless Mom

Thanks. Glad you're safe!

Christina @The Twisting Kaleidoscope

We're in the midst of it right now--wind's really whipping up. I'm caught between being blase--I've lived through several worse storms in FL--and being drawn into the hype. But being as far inland as we are (near DC), I think our main danger is from flying tree branches or power outages. We've got another hour of worsening winds until things gradually start to slow down. I'm kind of making rash promises to donate to charity if we get through this with the power intact. Every time the power flickers, the donation amount increases ;)

Stay safe tonight y'all!

Katie Fleck

Thanks for the update! It's windy in Indiana (which kinda blows my mind, no pun intended) and I've been thinking about all you East Coasters all day.


Glad your safe. Hope the flooding isn't horrendous.

Laura H.

Glad you're okay. Been thinking about you and your family. Thanks for the update!


Thank you for the update, glad to know you are all safe.
I'm outside of Harrisburg PA, lots of wind damage, no power for about 2 hours, but just fine otherwise. Surely could have been much worse.
Cold and still raining here.


Yikes! Glad you are okay, Carmen!


Found your website through another ... I recognized the pictures immediately! LOL. Do you live in VA Beach? I do! So glad that Sandy has moved on, but so sorry for the troubles she has caused north of us.


Pretty much the same here on MD's Eastern Shore. Lots of rain and wind. Lots of property damage at the beach.Things r calming down here, flood waters receding. Our home was very lucky,we never lost power, many across town did. Our few trees were blown down a few hurricanes ago, so no worries there. Back to school tomorrow. Glad to hear you guys r safe.

Ouida Gabriel

Hi Carmen,

I just stopped in to say thank you for blessing me as you do. I am so thankful for the encouraging words you give to all of us. Thank you so much.

Ouida Gabriel


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