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Carmen, I want to share a quick story. I have often felt like my kids take too much of my body, including the hand holding. This summer I had to fly to another state to pick up my father, who had waited a few years too long to ask for help. He had to be immediately moved from his house, and the whole thing went to auction. He literally left with a small suitcase and his laptop. He even left behind his teeth (couldn't find them). He's rather suddenly lost most of his vision and his hearing and could no longer drive and could no longer walk very far without a walker. I spent three days in his town, getting Power of Attorney, going to banks to get my name as contact person, and just sorting, sorting, sorting. We got on the plane and I held his hand through a two-hour flight. When we got off the plane, he said he could not remember the last time he had held someone's hand. I've made a point of holding his hand often since then.


Today, my 12 y.o. grabbed my hand while we were at the mall. This is not unusual, but it surprises me nonetheless. I think to myself, is this going to be the last time I get to hold her hand?


That is the one thing I miss most about my youngest son, he never hesitated to reach over and hold my hand when we were driving in the car. Now he is in the Marine Corp away from home and what I wouldn't give to have that opportunity more often!


I read a quote once that said"always hold your child hand when you can, you will never know when it will be the last time".


my youngest 3 are boys and they NEVER want to hold hands. I try all the time! Enjoy!


My ten year old holds my hand when we're out and about. Sometimes I just wish he wouldn't, but others *most of the time* I enjoy it because I know he's growing up way too fast.


that's it get me crying why don'tcha? I only have 1 hand holder left. He did it twice this past week.

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