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I thought I was the only person that hated Halloween! Glad to know I am not alone. I am glad it's over for another year too.


I am with you as well on Halloween! When I had 2 small children, I did dress them up and take them out - more for me than for them, I suppose. But once I had 5 it was too overwhelming to even think of creating costumes let alone manage their candy addictions until the candy was gone! That's when we decided to forgo the usual and made it a "family night". We would take all 5 to Chuck E Cheese and let them go wild. They honestly had more fun than if they had done the traditional and we had little work to do as well as no sugar to manage. It was a win-win solution! Now they are all too old for trick or treat, so I feel less compelled to even acknowledge the day, but I do try to come up with a treat for them. This year it was a little white paper bag cut down to about 3 inches high, stamped with spiders, and topped with a Happy Halloween topper I stamped. 3 fun size m&m's fit quite nicely in it. They were appropriately thrilled and I felt like a "good mommy". LOL
I grew up in Maine, and fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the foliage and the change of uncomfortable temps to the cool, crisp days and nights. I'm a turtlenecks/sweaters kind of girl! So, I am thankful for this season as well a husband much like yours! Mine is also the hardest working man I know. I am blessed!


I adore Halloween. I love watching the cute little kids in their costumes who timidly come to my porch and sweetly say trick-or-treat. I like the idea of being thankful for at least one thing every day. (Especially as everything seems to be falling apart right now. knockonwood)
Of course, I love Fall for the same reasons you do, too.


I am not a fan of Halloween and November is my favorite month also!!!~!


I'm always the odd one out because I don't like Halloween. Never have - not even as a kid. I don't like being scared, I hate seeing gruesome, creepy, horrific things and I don't like strangers coming to my door. But, hey! November! Awesome birthday month :)

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