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Marie Riemer

Whistling is banned in our house and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I cannot whistle. Nope -- ha! I just cannot stand it!


I become the Grinch at 8pm about the noise too. My boys also sing, fight, yell, whistle---which I dislike the most, and sing more. One of my boys is on the spectrum and LOVES to hear noise! It is his speed. He cackles, giggles, and makes all kinds of noises to calm his busy brain. We need to record him and his sound affects to make money.

I keep telling myself...this is but for a short time....it will be okay.


When the noise is gone the silence is deafening! Breath deep and try to remember that you really and truly will miss the noise once it is gone - in fact it will be a cherished memory.


HA! I thought that said 8am, which frankly sounds totally reasonable to me.


My kids are not necessarily musical, unless you count the neverending shrieking and fighting as music. No? Actually, let me rephrase that, they go in waves of liking certain songs and music, and then they don't. Add to that the youngest talks constantly and the middle one is an Aspie and some days the sound of his brother's voice makes him freak out, which makes his brother talk even more. So, basically, I am saying it is really loud here but without the benefit of music. I feel robbed somehow. Heh.


Enjoy it while you can. It is so dreadfully quiet when they are gone .......


mine play percussion! oh it's loud, but it's a different loud because it's identifiable

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