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Your heart's in the right place :) and I'm kind of a foodie and I love CPK - we lost ours a couple years ago & I really miss it! Great salads! And really? The manager was too busy to take money? Stupid.


The manager was an idiot! And you did extremely well not to choke her. And CPK is always a good choice. Lots of options there. Congratulations you are finished. Enjoy the holiday now. Merry Christmas!


As my son says, "Oh my glob!!"


Hubs suggests leaving a review of both places on Yelp. I can't believe too busy to take your money as a customer? Good grief.


You are winning since you have all your gifts wrapped, that is a major feat! It's hard to believe that in these more difficult times people don't want your money! I'm sure the teachers will appreciate the gift cards.


Oh look the cliff, I see it now, it's HUGE! and growing. I wonder why it's growing? I'm sorry that these businesses didn't want to do business.


We own a small athletic pro shop and I'm somewhat flabbergasted that the manager would not do the gift certificates for you. Seriously, how long does it take to bring up the "point of sale" system. If that was my manager she would definately get a talking to. I know they were not open and maybe she was busy but being nice to others goes a long way for customer service. I mean seriously. Sorry for the rant.


Wow lol. They can share! Sheesh. Thats high priced for a certificate. They should start at ten or fifteen cause not everyone isnt made of money.

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