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Ha! Oh boy. I hope you DID end up getting to pee!


Well, I would have said something similar I'm sure. Cuz the cold makes me have to pee..... Meh whatcha gonna do?


HA!!! wait to get rid of a stalker. :P


I had someone almost literally shit herself in my store yesterday. Poor dear. So mortifying. We were unable to go sit at our desk for a good 45 after while it aired out. I suppose better then on the floor of my shop


I don't really see anything wrong with what you said. A little TMI, but so what? Hope your court case went well.


And yet, had you said that to me, I would have laughed til I piddled in my panties. Then we would have had lunch together. LOL


Haha! I'm with Jen! I thought you were going to say that you had a nice little chat as you walked and then found out she was the one you were opposing in court! THAT would have been awkward!


I agree with Jen, too - sounds like something I would say and not think twice about!


That really wasn't too bad. I would have laughed and continued on walking with you.

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