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They look awesome. Having a peanut-allergic kid myself, and being somewhat lazier than you, I'd probably just use sunflower seed butter to avoid the diligent cleaning of every square inch that actual peanut butter would require.


I would LOVE the double chocolate banana recipe! I agree - homemade muffins are easy and much more delicious/healthier. And at least your recipes made it into a binder! Ours are just in a manilla file folder, totally disorganized, takes 10 minutes or more every time we look for a recipe. Total. Waste. Of. Time.


My kids would love those just based on the name. I can't stand store-bought muffins - they are so oily and chemically. Is that a word?

I've totally searched for recipes online just so I wouldn't have to locate the paper version on the mess of a shelf I keep cookbooks on.


I think you had posted this once before. I know because I make these ALL the time and my own recipe binder says it came from you! LOL

I love these. My husband has a nut allergy so I too have to be careful with contamination, but I secretly LOVE having one food item that is only mine! That guy can eat me out of house and home!


What's a recipe?
I only have one & it's for something called "disaster?"

Yum @ Peanut butter & did you say PUMPKIN BUTTER???


I have this large plastic box that store index cards and torn magazine pages and handwritten notes/recipes and all sorts of crap like that. Makes me crazy looking for a recipe some days. These sound fantastic BTW.

Nelson's Mama

I have a binder for my favorite recipes.

I use plastic sheet protector pages to hold the recipes, so it's very easy to add recipes (and edit). Once I cook something once or twice it's put into the Purple Binder, otherwise, it doesn't make the cut.

I often cook for large groups at church and save my Excel spreadsheets (I'm a bit of a geek sometimes) that I use to calculate quantities and shopping lists.

My Binder is a basic plastic, nothing fancy, but it truly serves it's purpose - and I kinda love it :)


I have a few binders and my mom's old recipe box. Lately I've thought of scanning them all and putting them on my computer.
These look interesting! I may have to try them.


The hubs has a binder, 40 or 50 cookbooks, random sheets of paper, and 95% of the time he goes to the internet to find a recipe.


The binder in our kitchen gets the favorite recipes put in sheet protectors. My husband is good at emailing recipes to himself as well. That way we can print them when we can't find the hard copy or if we are traveling. I love to use the ipad in the kitchen, too.


Those sound amazing! Going to make them tonight for sure!


i'm one of those weirdly odd moms who doesn't buy packaged muffins and insists on "real food" too. :) and i have a antique picnic basket that i just throw loose recipes into willy-nilly so i'm also with you on the unorganized recipes. i'm going to make these pb and j muffins for my girlies this weekend for lunches next week. thanks for sharing! if you find the double chocolate banana ones i'd be interested in that one, too! i have a bunch of bananas getting mushy that are just begging for some chocolate. :)

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