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Thinking of the good will do me a world of good too.
1. the movie Elf
2. my husband's great smile (even if he does have walking pneumonia)
3. kid #3 getting accepted into the college of his choice (Ohio State-we're half way done!)
4. wrapped presents
5. any martini!!! I must have the gingerbread recipe!!!!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Watching my girls love their school, and realizing I made a good decision after all.

Setting limits and learning how to say no.

Experiencing the season through the eyes of a five and seven year old.

Learning to be the better version of me, and letting go of who I thought I should be.


1. Minimal morning sickness.
2. Can still see my toes.
3. Bedrest means no laundry.
4. Red Bull.
5. High calorie diet means I can eat pizza for breakfast.
6. numnumnum. Did I mention eating whatever I want? Sorry, must go stuff my faces and chins.


I'm trying to focus on being more positive, too. (And it's working so far, for the most part!) On my list right now is:

--having a direction
--new ink pens
--pasta salad
--finding a sense of inner calm


1. Did a head stand and bind in yoga yesterday.
2. Loving that only one daughter is in the Nutcracker this year, as opposed to 3, it is actually relaxing hanging out back stage just chit chatting with friends and not running around with multiple costume changes, hair and makeup.
3. Happy about decision with kids' Christmas presents - finally at a stage when we can limit it to one big present and not much else.
4. Looking forward to my planking challenge tomorrow (keep me in your prayers). I started at 3.08 and now I can hold for 5.05. No side planks just fore arms or high plank. I've never been in an athletic competition in my life and at the ripe old age of 46 I can't believe this is me. I actually love working out now.


Maybe I should write my own list. My husband informed me just today that I am a pessimist. Wow, the truth hurts sometimes.


1. Seventy two degrees and a day on the lake. No fish, but who cares.
2. Only two weeks to Christmas break.
3. Fabulous PSAT scores from my daughter.
4. Two mornings in a row to sleep in.
5. A husband who is totally in touch with his feminine side!


Oh many . . . trying to figure out your license plate is going to make me bonkers!! Is it Juggernaut? If so, why? Plus, I need to know where you found your window sticker. It is SO me.
Okay - grateful time:
1. Everyone in the house is currently healthy.
2. I have been spending more time with my hubby. It is because he is currently unemployed, but because he had the foresight years ago to squirrel away money when times were good, we are not panicking.
3. Super thankful for the big check that came unexpectedly last month for insurance overpayment because my husband is so on top of the bills that he paid some twice. *chuckle* Spot on timing for it's arrival - Christmas gifts are paid for!!
4. Having awesome, truthful blogs like yours to read to know that I am not the only one who has some of the feelings that you have.
5. For having good friends to hang out with who love me no matter what. I don't have many friends, but it is quality, not quantity.
Merry Christmas!!


that was supposed to say "Oh man . . . " ;)


-->I'm normally always glass half full but being diagnosed with SHINGLES! yesterday at Patient First and still being in pain sort of has my glass flipped over.


Positive... let me see.

The house is decorated ahead of time,
The boys are enjoying each of their sports.
I've got shopping ideas.
I'm going to sit down with my favourite man and watch fluffy tv.


Just grin, you ought to? From the former Vger... trekkie that I am.

net window sets

Having amazing, honest weblogs like yours to study to know that I am not the only one who has some of the emotions that you have.

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