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Headless Mom

*clink* a toast to twenty three!


Congratulations! Here is to many, many more years!

We celebrated 25 this year. Not many get long these days.


Great post! Congratulations on 23 wonderful years together!


Happy happy 23 years!


Happy 23rd! I have a husband like that too. Always wants to look on the positive side. After being married for 39 years and together for 42 you would think he would know looking on the positive side of things is just not how I am wired....(Also as a side note he cannot comprehend what it feels like to have a headache. I have offered to hit him in the head just so he would know what it feels like to have a headache.)


Happy 23 - may there be 23 more to come.


Congratulations! And many happy more years together. I love the picture of both of you. God Bless you.


It's nice to hear a story like yours. You beat the odds, if you listen to marriage experts. Congratulations!


Happy Anniversary!!!:)


Congratulations! We are just a couple years behind you, but riding a similar rollercoaster ;) Much happiness to you both and joy from each other and the beautiful family you have built together.


Congrat on 23! The hub and I celebrated 23 in November. I too am the more high maintenance partner and he is the calming optimist!! Opposites attract. Wishing you many, many more years filled with joy!!!


Congratulations! In this day and age when celebrity couples hog the headlines with stories of divorce after 2 - 5 years because of "irreconcilable differences", a story like yours is a breath of fresh air.
I had to tell you, though, that my story is very similar to yours! Hubs and I met in June of 1991. I lost my job shortly after we met and he was my knight in shining armor, who helped me deal with a very unexpected firing. I moved in with him 3 months after that, we got engaged and were married in July of 1992. We probably would have been married sooner if my parents hadn't been flipping out!! In hindsight we should have just eloped.
We have also had MANY ups and downs, many times when I thought we might not make it. But 20 years later, here we are. And we still like each other! I know other couples who have been together this long but they really don't like each other much.
Hope you two do something special to celebrate.
And KarenP - WOW!! Congrats to you too!!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

He's a great guy and you two make a great couple.


Whoops!23 is a very long time to be together. Kudos to both of you in this day and age where marriages are packing up faster than they happen. I hope to achieve this great feat too. A hearty congratulations on your wedding anniversary and I wish you many more years.

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