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Remember that time you sent me a postcard and wrote "I have the handwriting of a serial killah" on the back and your husband thought the USPS was going to sick the FBI on you?


Weezer has the handwriting of a serial killer. I can see the whole scene in my head, love that movie!

Headless Mom

Totally stealing this.


Ice Cream! One of the five major food groups.....


The handwriting one cracked me up. I often wonder what someone would say about me if they saw mine. Serial killer for sure.

I love that this has been stolen so many times. It was actually a new one for me. I've seen so many of these over and over for all time, that this was nice.


Molly Ringwald wrote a book? Now I'm going to go learn more about Zakary.


YES, this 48 questions is totally informative.

I also did not know that Molly Ringwald had a book, but I did know she loves to garden. (I am vast of worthless information)

Also, a black crayon? No way. You would be the glitter crayon fo sho.

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