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Wow, (sniff,sniff) they grow up so fast. As I am lying at home trying to recover from influenza, I have actually thanked God that my kids are grown up enough to take care of themselves and me for the most part the last couple of days. As opposed to when I was pregnant with my youngest and had a 16 month old to take care of and couldn't because I was to sick.


Wait, wait, wait. An Apple store, you say? There's an APPLE STORE in your area? Times HAVE changed.

(Yes, I know, I missed the point. That's wonderful, yet somewhat crazy news. I remember when Nik was a baby. I can't believe he's grown up like this!)

Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com

Wow, what a poignant trip! My daughter is 21, but thus far I've been spared wedding dress shopping with her. It's coming soon, I'm sure of that, even if she's not. And then... grandbabies!!!!


YAY!!! I was his age when hubbie was looking at rings. :) I'm excited for you all.

Paul R

Soon you will take him to babies are us to shop for a stroller :-)

I wish the best for you son and his lady!!

Jodie in MN

Your story has me choked up! I have school aged little ones, my oldest turns 11 soon. These years have gone so fast. I'm sure the next 11 are going to go even faster and I'm not sure I'm ready.

Stacey B.

o.k. you just made me cry. Maybe it is the fact that when you have a big family, you still remember your oldesr ones at the ages your younger ones are now, as if it were just yesterday. Well, wasn't it?

Just had a conversation with oldest son who is training to be a lifeguard and will be shadowing someone he knew back when he was considered one of the little kids. He tells me that she has changed and I remind him that he has as well. "no, I haven't, Mommy" << yep still calls me that :). Oh, hon, yes, you have. happy tears


Oh, Carmen! I am all choked up. You're a terrific storyteller.


Awww! My oldest is 22 and isn't ready yet, but I am! Please please please let someone else look after him! Congrats!


Wow! I didn't expect that! I'm happy for all of you:)


Oh my! Congratulations all around! My oldest will be 21 this year, and he definitely is not ready to be ring shopping. I am thinking at 31 he may still not be ready.


That is so freaking cool. All of it.

I got married at 19. I'd never tell anyone not to do it.


Beautiful fabulous post! Makes me think of the future with my boys, currently 5 & 7.

Headless Mom

Wow. Big steps.


Eye puddles and a tight chest. Mercy! loved it


Beautiful! I did just that with my 20-almost-21-year-old son not too long ago! And he's my youngest....


Changes - always changes.....


Oh man, I'm all teary over here. :)


You do have a gift for story telling, Carmen. Believe it. I'm all misty-eyed over here, thinking of my "little" boy, who is 13, and who, in one more inch, will be as tall as me, not yet done growing. It's amazing, overwhelming all at once. I look forward to such times with him, though I will try to enjoy every milestone until we arrive there. Thanks for sharing your story.

Nelson's Mama

It's all good...

We got married at 19 and we're here 31 years later...still together, still loving, still fighting, still enjoying our girls and most importantly..still laughing.


oh wow! you just made my want to freeze time..my oldest is 14 and growing up much too fast..loss for words here as I realize he is closer to ring shopping (potentially) the to the mall and chicken nuggets and playspaces


I hope I have a memory/current trip like that to look back on later. I was eighteen when I married. Two kids and twenty years later we are still going strong.


I hope I deal with it with as much grace when my firstborn is ring shopping. I suspect I will spend more time weeping and annoying him, and end up not invited.

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