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tomorrow is another day! hugs sweetie!


I am singing along with you on this one. A cupcake sounds like a great idea. Here's to a better day tomorrow for everyone.


I refer to that kind of day as being pecked to death by ducks. Not catastrophic like a bear mauling--just minor irritation after minor irritation. Glad I'm not the only one who has those days.


I feel exactly like this today.

I need a freaking cupcake.


Oh boy, do I ever!


This is my day today! Hope that dark cloud moves away soon!


I wanna cupcake (insert whiny squeeky voice here)


Sometimes it's ok to succumb to the negative and wallow for a while.


Sounds like the story of my day. Okay, maybe not exactly, but still just a crappy crappy day. Here's to a better day and mood tomorrow.


And, you think reading about somene else having the same kind of day, week, ongoing adventure in life, will put it in the perspective that you are no so important in the greater scheme of life to be feeling this way alone... but it doesn't... oh yeah, I understand right where you are.


Sometimes a shit day is just a shit day, no matter who's eyes you try to view it through and no matter what way you try to disguise it. I don't think any of us here doesn't know how to be grateful, but let's all just call a spade a spade and drink a margarita at lunch, hmmm???

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