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My word is Hope.


Mine is Joy!


I would use constant as well, but I know myself a little too well. Without a looming deadline, I don't do anything. So because I am revisiting a lifelist backpacking destination, my word(s) are Philmont Scout Ranch...scheduled for my second trip in August. Lots of conditioning and PT ahead of me. And it's all good. :-)


I actually wrote about this yesterday! My word for 2013 is perseverance.


Mary Ostyn (Owlhaven)

Mine is trust. I love yours too, though-- it's actually something I could work on too.


Mine is going to be 'capable' because I should be and I never believe that I am. I need to be a grown up and make decisions and make things happen and believe in myself.



Debby Pucci

That's a great word! Wishing you total success. I have never kept to a word when I picked one but this year I have a challange for myself which is to "Face My Fears." Every year I go to the doctor to get all my prescriptions written that are mailed in for the year. Then I always get the referrals for GYN, Mommo, Colonoscopy, etc. but put them off. This year I must get them done!!!




Last year, my word was "Yes." And I said yes to an opportunity to quit my teaching job and go back to school to get my PhD.

This year, my word is "brave" because this journey scares the living daylights out of me.

But I'm doing it.

Yum Yucky

Very good choice in word! Now let's seem, hmmmm. Me thinks my word will be "diligence". I need more of it to get me to where I wanna be.


sounds good! I know you'll get there.


The first word that came to mind is risk. I need to take more risks this year, broaden my horizons and just go for it!


NOW! Not going to get caught up in the "shoulda woulda and coulda's" and the "what if's" My mind is always racing to the past and the future and I need to LIVE IN THE MOMENT....hence the word NOW!!


DO - not think about it - DO IT!


Hmmmm . . . I think mine needs to be something along the lines of "Pride", but not in the sense of arrogance. Pride in my appearance, pride in the appearance of my home, pride in my children living up to their potential and doing what they are supposed to be doing. I tend to put care of myself last on my list, as most of us do. I tend to shirk the boring tasks around the house that lead to clutter. I want it to be okay if someone shows up at my door unannounced, meaning I need to be in presentable clothes and my house needs to be neat enough (I'm not crazy - immaculate doesn't exist in my vocabulary). Does that make sense?
Also - note to Carmen . . . couponing is a waste of time and energy. I have tried, it never amounts to much. I only buy food that is on "sale", especially non-essentials like granola bars, chips, etc. Whatever meat is the best price, that's what we have for dinners that week. Or I buy a bunch and freeze it. Don't kill yourself nickel and diming it. Look for other ways to save the money.
Good luck to you!!


I think my word has to be "breathe." As in take the time to just breathe. Before I get all bent out of shape at the kids, at work, at the 100's of things I need to do, I need to just "breathe" and take it one step at a time.


I hadn't heard about this challenge. I have something thinking to do. Thanks! Best of luck to you.


Mine is "ART". A strange word I know. But this year I have decided, that as a grown up, it is past time and allowable that I spend the necessary money to frame things that are important to me. We, as a family have decided to finish up various unfinished projects in the house. To me art includes anything to make you smile and gives you comfort in your surroundings. To that end, I include the gradual reorganizing and repainting of rooms.

Good luck with your word challenge for the year!


My word is rest. Which seems silly with four kids under seven but it mainly means NO BIG LIFE CHANGES! For the past six years we've been going from one big change or crisis to another. So our goal for 2013 is to not have any.

I give it six weeks, tops.


Change! A change for the better. A change for what is right. A change is what is needed. Family. self. Career. World.


My husband and I discussed this on New Year's Eve. We decided that our word for 2013 is "snorkel". When we have too many tense moments or need a break it's a reminder to go outside and do something active, which always improves your mood. We also moved to the coast recently - so we can actually go snorkeling most anytime we want.


My word for 2013 is "Other". I have this nagging feeling that I really do only think about myself for 99% of the time, and fit my husband and family in the 1%. I'm going to try and change that this year. Thanks for the challenge!

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