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I don't think I'm quite ready for that one.


Excellent! Truly excellent!


Me too! Mind blown!


What a wise friend you have. Wow.


Excellent! I needed to read this right now. I have been trying to make something all about me when it isn't. Well, a little bit of it is.....


See don't you just love THE WISE? They teach us so much.


Someone made a mistake with incense at my dad's church, and the church burned down. I agree with your mentor, and perhaps this happened because God was looking out for all of you and protecting you from something much worse.


Wow. You have no idea how much this is something I needed to hear today, this week, this year. Thank you so, so much for sharing this. I think I'll be writing my own blog post about it very soon.


Going to give this one some serious thought!! Wise woman indeed. Glad that in the end it wasn't a complete disaster for you or the church. p.s. I cannot stand incense, so you are a better woman than I!! haha


Wow. I beat myself up constantly & as a result have a hard time getting out of my head - this brings amazing new perspective.


"We are a cog in a kaleidoscope" might be one my favorite things I've ever read. What a perfect metaphor for life and our role in it.


wow...this really puts the last two years in a totally different perspective for me. Thank you so much for posting this!


That really is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to hear it, and thank you for sharing it.


Very late with the reading, just saw this. I needed to hear it, and it's something to chew on late at night when I can't sleep and take up the FAVORITE hobby of beating myself up. :/


Oh, Carmen - I SO needed to hear this today. I recently made a job change - it's not going PERFECTLY, as I'd hoped. I'm learning. A lot. I came home from another day of "learning", feeling discouraged and completely worthless, wondering what God was trying to teach me.....

..............and here you are. It's not all about me. MUST, MUST, MUST remember this.

Thank you.

Cancer Diagnosis

Oh, Carmen - I SO needed to hear this today. I recently made a job change - it's not going PERFECTLY, as I'd hoped. I'm learning. A lot. I came home from another day of "learning",

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