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Wow - that's pretty detailed! Impressed. I don't think I would want the Hubs to know my reputation in high school . . . well, it would depend on who was asked and how old I was. Actually, I don't know that I DID have a rep, but I remember when I was a freshman, I was "fresh meat" in a very, very small school (around 100 total students). Someone must have made it seem that I was "easy", because suddenly senior boys were asking me out. I was terrified, because I was SO inexperienced and only just 15. I did not go out with any of them. Other people would say I was a total nerd, partly because of the fact that I turned down senior boys.
So, a question I would want answered? Hmmmm . . .we have been married 20 years and I feel like I know everything there is to know . . . Probably if he had one do-over in life, what would it be?

Headless Mom

#4- My mother loves my husband but cannot for the life of her understand how I stay married to him and his quirks.

True story.

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