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dad had one older than this in our garage, loved that thing.

Meredith R

I shop second hand stores for kid stuff. At this age, it doesn't have to be brand spankin to make kids happy.

Heather Bensel

Is that the same as the Shomiers that used to be on VB BLVD sort of
near Rose Hall Shoppes? I used to love to go there and look at everything. I got doll house furniture there. I am sure that store closed, but with such an unusual name they are probably related.

I look for that Pyrex at thrifts and have found some.

Brenda Diggs

So cool- I thought that Shomiers closed years ago, but I've seen them open and ads on craigslist. And just so you know, I've been driving around for months with some Pyrex in my trunk for you! Let me know the next time you go to Whole Foods, and I'll meet you out in the parking lot and give it to you! :)


Have you looked on Etsy for Pyrex? I did a quick search and found quite a bit, but I don't know if it's what you're looking for. (Although, I may get some pieces for myself!)


Gorgeous old machine!


Very cool!! By the way, how is your "Grateful Jar" project going?


If you hadn't made the Macklemore reference, I would have... I'm gonna pop some tags... ;)




I love pyrex! And I am lucky that my grandmom and mom did to so plent of it, even with lids :) Plus when I use it I think of them which is all the time

It is getting really hard to find and crazy expensive to!

Love the typewriter. My 16th bday present from my whole family(parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles) was an electric typewriter so not the same as yous but I still have it and love that thing

Allen@Funny Baby Videos

Thrift stores are the best. Always something different. Here in Chicago we have many of them and I can't stop visiting them.

facebook fans

Amazing groceries !!


I have the green casserole on the bottom right. It's frequently used!


I learned to type on a 1919 typewriter. This photo brings back many memories.

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