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I am with you on your list...though SOME Elton John songs are okay. Eagles, Boston, and a lot of those bands from that time period are not my favorite.

Kelly H

I cannot stand The Who and I don't particularly care for Bruce Springsteen. Yeah, I know. People are AGHAST when I tell them. It's Bruce!!! Yeah, whatever... I don't hate him but I just don't really care for his music. One band I hate and have to turn the station even after a millisecond of their music is Rush.


I can't stand The Doors. Was never a big fan of Led Zeppelin when I was younger, though I've developed something of a tolerance for them, if not an appreciation.

Absolutely adore Rush, though. A chaque son gout, eh?

JonathanBlaapemyJonatn Harris

Wait just a minute,I said I HATED the Pretenders. I'm not a big fan of the Dylan. The one thing that gets me is when people make a big deal out of someone appearing on a show, like Paul McCartney or Elton John, like they have been stranded on an island for 20 years. Drives me crazy McCartney is the worst at this.. I'm not a huge fan of the Beatles,, I know Blaapemy


I'm a Bieber-hater, a Brittany-basher and a Nicki Minjah-blaher. I do love me some Maroon 5 though!


I don't like the Rolling Stones, but that may be a generational thing. Nor do I like the Beatles (same reason?). I also don't like Bieber, Nicki Minaj(sp) or One Direction.


I really don't like the Beatles. Never have.

Nelson's Mama

I'm trying to think of a band or artist that I'd actually get up, walk across the room to change the song and I can't come up with anyone...


They're not bands but ... Celine Dion and Michael Bolton.


Not a Beatles fan. Just ick.... Though the bands you mentioned I like for the most part. But really, do not like the Beatles at all.


I LOVE the Rolling Stones(had the tongue logo painted on my dorm room wall along with The Doors logo in college. Love the Doors, Zepplin, Lynyrd Skynrd, Traffic, Beatles, The Guess Who etc. I am a big fan of the 60's music genre. Currently I love Pretty Reckless, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Mumford and sons!


....oh and I adore Elton John and the Pretenders. Saw both in concert twice!!


Can't stand Bob Dylan or Tom Petty, too whiny.


Taylor Swift. And it drives me INSANE that some women I know consider her a good role model for their daughters. With her dating track record? Oh, puhleeeze.


Nirvana is way overrated.

I also dislike Fleetwood Mack. I can't understand what Steve Nicks is singing!!! All I hear is "BZZZZZ BZZZZ BZZ BZZZZ Bbbbb ZZZZZZZ"


Does the Disney Channel and every "artist" that ever came out of it count??? Isn't that where they created Justin BEAVER and Selena GROSSMEZ?


The Beatles. Sacrilege over here in the UK but there you are. I also don't get Pink Floyd which my GF rhapsodises over. Sigh.


-->Janis Joplin. The Beatles. Elvis. Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones. The Doors.


Dislike Bruce Springsteen, tired of Taylor Swift, can't stand Niki Minaje, Celine Dion makes my ears bleed, Pink Floyd makes me lose my will to live.

elizabeth k

I love Jazz - R&B -- all else I tolerate (oh, and always *long-hair* - as my boss of long ago called classical music. ;-) (oh, and a bit of country...)

Ouida Gabriel

Ace of Base. I have to change the channel. Dont care for most Rolling Stones, thrash metel bands or pop singers like Spears. Love Van Morrison, john Coltrane, Needtobreathe, matt Maher, anything 40's. Music is such a true love of mine.

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