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I always wear blush, I've wanted to try the NARS, but I didn't know where to buy it. Now if I could just muster up the courage to visit Sephora I am all set!


The drugstore stuff works the best for me. I have some bare minerals super-duper eye shadow that I am super-duper alleric to and my maybelline works great! Seriously The cheap stuff works for me every time.


I love Sephora! The NARS Orgasm stick blush is awesome, color is so good! I'm going to try your mascara suggestion. I always buy expensive brands and they last about two seconds. I do like the one in the gold tube, Voluminous Million Lashes, maybe Loreal? I can't remember, but it's good. Also, you should try Sugar lip treatment by Fresh. That stuff is so great if you need the moisture and the smell is wonderful.

Nelson's Mama

I love tinted moisturizers - my go to is MAC Studio Moisture Tint, works great as a sunscreen in the summer, evens up skin tone and I cover it with their Prep+Prime Finishing Powder when I'm going somewhere!

I like MAC eye shadows too.

Right now I'm hooked on Dior Show mascara after years of using nothing but Great Lash.

A year or so ago I singed off my eyelashes and brows in a grilling incident and used Latisse to regrow my lashes. It's the bomb! I'm about to splurge and buy some more!


The only "must have" product I stick to is bare minerals foundation(which I do not wear ever day) and smashbox concealer( matched perfectly to my skin tone by helpful sephora employee). Mascara, lipstick and eyeliner is all a mismash. I will try cover girl lash blast!!


The problem is that I couldn't ask for the NARS blush by name out loud. Guess I'm stuck with my old one until someone brave wants to shop with me!


Love the orgasm blush and the cg mascara-- I think I tried both at your suggestion.
I am a big fan of urban decay eye shadows--they have fun colors and they blend so well. I also like their eyeliners, great staying power.
Fave lip products...probably Mary Kay glosses.


Thank you Jesus, we do not have Sephora in my town. Too much temptation. I have used the Nars Orgasm for a few years now, by far my favorite. I like Nars lipstick too, I think it is Venus- lasts a really long time. I use an Almay raisin colored eyeliner crayon. Dark brown Falsies mascara in the purple tube. I switch between Almay skin clearing foundation and Jane Iredale liquid minerals foundation, depending on whether I can splurge. Dust a little pressed powder from same line on shiny bits. Find as I age must be more careful w powder as it settles in the lines :( Recently found a Sonia Kashuk concealer in a tiny jar that is great. I do not wear concealer everyday though. Only wear eye shadow at night or special stuff. I have a trio of neutral beiges from Sephora. I have fair skin,, hazel eyes and blonde hair. I can usually wear the same color year round but deepen foundation a shade and add bronzer in summer.


I'm a Lancome Girl -don't know why. I started buying it out of college and pretty much have stuck with it, save for Mascara. I use the foundation for old ladies (46 here!) but its the perfect color for my face. I usually wear brown eyeliner and I will buy that at CVS along with whatever mascara I have a coupon for or is on sale. As for blush/eye shadow - I usually use the freebie stuff that comes with a purchase. Other than the foundation, the one thing I can't live without is Physicans Formula Shimmer Strips in Las Vegas. Love that stuff!


Too much to list here - but I want to play at blissdom! I hear you're not arriving til late thursday??? Boo!!! That will seriously cut into my makeup time with you. ;)


Avon. Love the stuff, sell the stuff, must wear the stuff to model the stuff. :) heheh I love my mascara, and my eye liner, and lipstick.
I've done blush too if going out in the evening and brow pencils, but mostly I keep it simple. Shadows I love are Sea colours.

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