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Great idea. You will probably wish you would have done it sooner! I, on the other hand, would have taken to the kids' rooms, one by one, and sat in there, used their stuff, moved things, make a mess, do some work. See how they like it! haha


My kids are that with my bed - I'll make it and then my 17 year old son will get in under the covers and watch tv while I'm gone. It drives me nuts. Then the girls come to my bathroom and take my razors, shampoo, soap, makeup, blow dryer, flat iron. What can I do other than pad lock my door when I'm not there? Kids invade boundaries. You are not alone!


Did you ever see this Cosby Show?


I think you have the right idea-- your work space should be respected by your kids!


Isn't there a phrase about good fences make good neighbors? Same applies to family. Boundaries are good. :)


As a fellow work-from-homer, I think this is great! It can confuse young kids, especially when you go from more to less available, so this makes it clear. As for the older kids... I had to talk with a teenage child who would come up to me while I was on a conference call to get hugs. I lived many years where a request for a hug from a kid would never be denied, but I had a sneaking suspicion these were the most passive-aggressive hugs in the world.


Good Plan! Boundries are an absolute necessity.


Oh my goodness! I had the same problem when I had my office at home. Now my desk is at the office but same to some extent. Family business, so my kids come in after school plop down at mt desk and play on computer. Um excuse me, I NEED the computer to get my work done so we can go home.


I just found your blog yesterday after a friend tagged me on your "10 Things Not to say to a mom of a large family" list and feel we are kindred spirits :) I also love to read, am a self-confessed control freak, and have 5 children. Thanks for your wonderful posts!! I don't work from home, but homeschooling in the same room as our home office is frustrating at times too. "WHERE'S THE SCOTCH TAPE?" has been hollered more than once. :) Happy day to you, my friend I don't really know!


"don't mess with my stuff" - I know what you mean!


Same problem here. I bought my girls their own TAPE and tape dispenser because mine was always missing. What do you think happened in about 1 week? My tape, gone again. When I asked the culprit why she could not just use her own that I bought her....she couldn't find it!!!!!

Scissors--also another one that drives me nuts. So you know what I did? I bought about 6 pairs from Office Mix and put some in the kitchen, one or two on my desk, one in a drawer, one on the table....now we are not ever short on scissors and I can find a pair when I need them! :)


You are not alone. I don't have an office, other people here do b ut I don't. I wish I did sometimes but I'd have to build a new room.

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