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Please post the beer bacon recipe! I want to be a rockstar to my kids this weekend!!



I couldn't contribute to your makeup posts since I only own a tube of mascara... but PANCAKES ??? Now we're talking!

And yes, bacon recipe pls! Was that in the oven?


Kudos to you for being The Rockstar Mom! And I don't do pancakes or bacon but I'm sure they were very delicious!


You just posted my Son's favorite meal. He could eat his weight in bacon if we let him. I am definitely trying your pancake recipe.

Like an above commenter, I didn't comment on the make-up post because I only own an eyeliner.

And yes, please, post the recipe for the bacon?


You just planned my Fat Tuesday meal!

xenia kathryn

Haha! I knew exactly what you were talking about with the "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Awesome :D

Kudos on the pancake fest, too! :)

Alaska Fishing

If National Pancake Day is celebrated on Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, then it should be February 12 not today February 5.

This is just odd.

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