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When my sister was in high school, she went to the local fitness club to work out, then enjoyed the hot tub in the lady's locker room. The 80s weren't know for their safety records, and somehow, she managed to get her shoulder sucked in by an intake vent. Luckily, someone was able to turn off the tub, but she had a doozy of a sucker bite on her back and shoulder. My dad took her to the emergency room, because it looked bad, and they took him to a room for questioning! It looked like an abuse case, I guess! Thank goodness the cops believed him, but her back was nasty looking for weeks! Your poor baby - keep the arnica up, it will work.


Sorry to hear about your munchkin being hurt. I hope she heals quickly. LOVE the bracelet!


awwww poor thing. That does not look good. Lots of cuddles for her. And you really did have a productive day really....


That is one gorgeous bracelet. I'm sorry about the arm, that really looks painful. I also have a dramatic child.


Oh poor baby!! That looks really painful. Once I had a bruise on my thigh that turned all shades of green, black, you name it. I had to put giant Band-Aids over it because people were so horrified by how it looked. Yep. The bracelet is beautiful!! Enjoy your St. Patty's Day!!

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