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I would have been very nervous. AJ had something this past month and had the same sores. Sadly I'm not as smart and didn't write it down... What was it? ACK!!!!!! We gave him Reactin, as my husband is allergic to Benedryl, so we avoid that one.
A Pizza with the D as the first initial uses something in there sauce that sends Dh off the charts to swollen mouth. It's not fish for my man it's Carregean? seaweed type of thickener used in a lot of sauces and lunch meats.
Also as you probably know our body seems to do a shift every 7yrs or so.


Ack. I'm so sorry. It's starting to look like my peanut, tree nut, sesame allergic kid may be allergic to shellfish as well. Food allergies are near the top of my list of things that can suck it. The list grows almost daily, but the place of food allergies on it is secure.


Squash - any kind. She eats it - it comes right back up! An enzyme in pork she can't digest - can put her in the hospital. Pepperoni, hot dogs, sausage etc. forbidden. Chocolate any kind mouth gets fuzzy can't breathe right .... I wish I knew where these things come from. I really do. Eating shouldn't be this complicated.


I get the itchy/fuzzy mouth after eating raw spinach, some shellfish sometimes, spicy foods and mangoes. None of those are on any of the lists for seasonal allergy connections. Go figure. I think there are other raw foods that cause similar issues but I can't remember which ones. I'm doing such a great job keeping track of this, aren't I?

I had annoying (I initially wrote "massive" but that's an exaggeration) allergy issues last spring for the first time in several years.

I had scratch and patch tests several years ago, and they came back completely negative for everything.

It really bothers me that we have to deal with this in our society, and we can't find the answers.


I'm sending good thoughts your way Carmen!


Boy do I feel for your kid. i am super allergic to birch trees. With a lot of research, I found out there is cross. Reaction between birch trees Nd most fruits. Consequntly, I cannot eat ANY fresh fruits except grapes. Talk about heartbreak. Though I can eat some fruits when they are cooked.

I also am allergic to soy, peanuts, peas, green beans, hazelnuts, almonds.

It's a major p.i.t.a.

I think I sent my body into histamine overdrive by crawling under my house to try and clean up white mold. It was directly after that I started with the food issues.


You know I don't look good in tinfoil so bear with me... but I'd put a lot of money on Genetically modified foods causing a majority of food allergies nowadays (& possibly all the crap they put & spray on foods- pesticides, preservatives & what not)
Had no idea how bad the GM mess was till my peanut allergy son did a research project on it last year...

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Your daughter is so cute, my son always complains to me too when he eats pineapple. It was a bit funny.


Hope you appointment with the allergist goes well! Have you seen this?



Ugh. I don't know how it is to have a food with kid allergies, but still...what a worry. And what a pain. I had really bad seasonal allergies until, for the most part, they disappeared shortly after my 30th birthday. I started running - I think the heavy breathing from that sent me into overdrive. But then I developed a mild allergy to sugar snap peas - which I love. If I eat more than 5, my mouth itches on the inside and I get all Angelina Jolie-mouth. I save it for special occasions when I want to wear lipstick on date night. All told - I'll trade the seasonal allergies being gone for a few snap pea itchies.

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