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OK now what? it's 2hours later? :) hehee I'm heading to the grocerystore, so I'll catch up later. Is there such thing as a mobile ap for this post? Can I get it to my phone. hehehe


I was just wondering this morning, while blowdrying my hair, whether anyone "sat under the dryer" anymore.


I fear not being here for the bus some days.


You just reminded me about Stations of the Cross. I really meant to go tonight, next week, right?
I still sit under the dryer when I get my hair highlighted which will be tomorrow!
And I love your conversations on the way to school.


Sounds similar to our days. Except for the conversation on the way to school. I homeschool and any driving in the morning is in taking Daughter to work. Neither of my kids is a morning person so I end up listening to the radio.


Well I want to know what you did to your hair?


Today is another day. Where though do all the yesterdays go?


Do we get to see you with your "new hair"?

Great account of your day. Made me realise that, although my days have their challenges (and then some), I and my family have actually moved on from lots of things that you are still experiencing. That has to be progress, right?!

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