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Forrest Gump - the movie was great the book sucked! Same with Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
The Lord of the Rings - seriously the war scenes went on for CHAPTERS!


I love this topic! I thought Gone, Girl was okay, but I didn't love it. I did love Atonement. Twilight was like gorging on your kid's stale Halloween candy--addictive, but what a waste of calories.

Books I hated: The Da Vinci Code--couldn't get past the 2nd chapter, I found the writing so bad. Anita Shreve, The Last Time They Met. The ending felt like a huge cheat.


What a great topic! I don't like most formulaic fiction (chick lit, most crime/mystery novels). Anything that's even remotely predictable gets frustrating for me. I read to discover, to be surprised, to see secrets told and characters exposed. I don't usually get that from formulaic fiction.


I hated Waiting to Exhale so much I literally threw it away. I also hated Wally Lamb's most famous book (what was it called?).


The World According To Garp - everyone else loved it, but at one point I got so fed up with it I took it into the trash room (I was in a college dorm at the time)and threw it into a dumpster. I had never done that to a book before or since.

And for kids? Bridge to Terebinthia. Hate it. It's lionized by school librarians, etc., but - to me - it contains everything I hate about 1970's kid lit.


Those Who Save Us. I read the book in one fell swoop, basically sacrificing sleep one night to finish it. It's brilliant in a lot of ways and tells a story that I'm sure probably happened more than we realize but OH IT WAS SO INFURIATING.

I was so angry the whole time. And disgusted. And upset. It clung to me and wrapped around me and ugh. I just can't. I don't think I'll ever read it again.

Same with Sarah's Key although I found that to be less emotionally intense for me. But still, after I finished it I thought "I'm glad I read it but I'll never read it again and I certainly won't recommend it to anyone."


Possession, I think that was the title. Was highly recommended but I could not get anywhere with it.


The Corrections - so overrated!


Could not stand My Sister's Keeper. I gave up on Jodi Picoult books after that one.


I hate to say it, but Gone With the Wind. I finished it, but just so I could say I had read it. I guess I just didn't get it. Also, anything by William Faulkner.


Just about anything by Jodi Piccoult makes my skin crawl - don't like 'disease of the week' writers.

Girl with the Dragon Tatto - just could not get past the difficult character names long enough to get into the story.

Eat Pray Love - she cries over every little thing. How the heck can a person function that way?


50 shades of gray....hate , loathe, seriously.


I hated Life of Pi (though I loved the film) and The Five People You Meet in Heaven.
(But I really loved all the Twilight Saga; Eat, Pray, Love [but the film not so much];Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy; and Atonement!)


Catcher in The Rye. I recently started attempting to read through 'The Classics' and I couldn't get through it to save me... The other one I'm currently struggling through and also starting to hate the beginning of is The Scarlett Letter...


I'm with those regarding "great literature". hate most of it. Especially those for young adults....why do jr high teachers, who can choose books that kids relate too, instead pick books that they themselves loooove.

As I get older, I also find it more difficult to find books that I enjoy. 1 I do not have time to plod through so many to find one interesting and 2. I usually can figure out the plot so far in advance that the book is rendered done, before it has even gotten started.

becky dunnell

Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling -- I love Harry Potter, and know she is a good author, but CV was just not my cup of tea...I am not sure if it is my lack of knowledge of small town politics in Great Britain, or what, but it stunk like moldy cheese!

Headless Mom

The Weird Sisters (is that the title?) was horrible.


I've never made it through the Lord of the Rings series. I think I made it through the first book once, but I got stuck on the second book for months...and by the time I returned to it, I had forgotten too much to mkae sense of the characters and plot.


I know I'm revealing my inner pop-music loving dumb blonde by sharing this...but I really cannot get very far in any Jane Austen book. I've tried multiple times, and it still feels like reading for English class.


Oh, I love this post. I started Gone, Girl, and got to the part where she is gone, and then my digital loan from the library expired and the book just magically went away from my kindle, so I don't know if I'll check it out again.

I have tried multiple times to read Pride and Prejudice. I know, I know, it's a classic, it's Jane Austen, and all that. I just found it SO Boring. Can't get through it. Same thing with Little Women. I was pregnant and irritated and couldn't STAND those whiney girls. Maybe if I gave it another chance I would like it.


So, I'm not the first! I couldn't not read the Little Women series for nuthin'. Bored me to no end. And The Shack - I think it is- that thing just made no sense at all. And the Celestine Prophesy read it once still don't get it.


Proofreading is a wonderful thing..... I could NOT read Little Women - geez


I am sure there are many books I have not enjoyed but the ones that stand out for me are The Grapes of Wrath, anything by Jody Piccoult, romance novels and crime stories.


Barn Blind by Jane Smiley. So depressing. No hope, no redemption. The Horse Whisperer. Hated that book. Resisted seeing the movie. Finally did and was pleasantly surprised. They actually fixed some of the stupid parts of the book. One of the few movies that is better than the book. Anything by Dickens (except Tale of Two Cities--barely) and most of Mark Twain.


hated "tuesdays with morrie" sorry

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