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Jackie Parker

Carmen, I would like you to read Dangerous Alley by Michele Grey. I think it is a very good book!


Hi Carmen! I've been reading your blog for almost a year now and my most favorite ever post that I tell everyone about is the one about having faith. If that is the one you decide to read I would love to see a recording!


I will head off to read your posts. Good for you for nominating yourself!

I will check some of these books out. I need to post about some of the books I've read recently. You've inspired me to get it done.


Interesting.... I've challenged myself to read more this year, so I'm often looking for something to add to my reading list. I'll have to remember that you posted this. :)


Congrats on the nomination! - even if you did nominate yourself. ;) I think it's far too often that women don't consider the power of their own voices - soooo, your recognizing in yourself that what you have to share is worthwhile is worth a congratulations.


Definitely read "Learning to Swim" and "Gone Girl" amazing mysteries. Be prepared to stay up all night.


Just finished A Higher Call by Adam Makos. http://www.amazon.com/Higher-Call-Incredible-Chivalry-War-Torn/dp/0425252868/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365725397&sr=8-1&keywords=a+higher+call

Lots of WWII history, mainly about a German fighter pilot, which was so interesting to me. But it is also about his 10 minute interaction with an American fighter pilot. I couldn't put it down.

Although, I think you said you had a hard time reading Unbroken, and it is in a similar vein (although different parts of the world). I loved it, but I love (almost) any memoir. :)


I don't know if you love historical fiction but I loooooove me some historical fiction and these are awesome. I found the Refiner's Fire series by Lynn Austin.

I am re-reading Candle in the Darkness and I loved it the first time around. Set at the time of the Civil War.

I also read the 2nd book Fire by Night. Was also awesome. Maybe better than the first!

I see there is a 3rd one, but I haven't read that one yet.


The mall post is my vote. So touching, so very real. And I need to read more - really I do.

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