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Headless Mom

Brilliant. You're so right.


Life is why we read what you write and why it's unique to you. If I wrote anything it would have to be about badly behaved puppies; not knowing how to sort out the garden; feeling lonely despite loving where I live; endlessly walking the dogs; starting to learn to run; never losing any weight; still learning how to run my own household even at the age of 30-something...

Everyone's world is unique and that is what makes it interesting :-)

suburbancorrespondent, who has heard her children bicker  over drying dishes way too many times

Take it as a challenge - only a really good writer could make something like laundry or a broken Jeep interesting. Blogs are wonderful because they do tell these mundane stories, the stories of our day-to-day lives.

And I hear you on the repetitiveness of the school projects. Even we homeschooling moms want to weep when we crack open the 6th 4th-grade math workbook - there are only so many fraction lessons a mortal woman can stand.

But DO NOT bash the dishwasher. I lived without mine for over 2 years (yes, with 7 or 8 people in the house), and it wasn't a good scene.

Ann Woodruff

This is a dilemma and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing this.


Write about what you know. And remember, life happens as you live. Remember Erma Bombeck? She also wrote about the "mundane" things of live and living but I LOVED her writings. For two reasons, everyone likes to peek in on someone else's life. We all like to know we are not alone in the mundane, messy, sad, happy process of living.

You love to write? Then write. I have learned life is way to short to really allow the naysayers a home in your brain or your heart.


I agree with the others that your particular gift is that you CAN take the mundane and write about it well. Anything can become interesting if it is written about from a unique (yours) perspective. Everyone experiences life differently - your leaky Jeep may be different from my leaky Jeep.
Trust yourself to know how to connect with us, your audience, because you do know and you do connect.
And see if you can't get those kids of yours to agree to let you tell pieces of their stories. We all have issues - nobody should be concerned about sharing - you may learn something you needed to know!


I can so identify with the threads and wrinkle.


I'm blogstipated.

- lol. hope you recover soon.


This post is exactly why I love reading your blog. You have the gift of expressing the everyday and the mundane in a way which makes me want to read on and on.

You write about lots of things which also happen in my life, and about lots of things which don't (which makes them interesting). Reading about your life gives me a break from mine, which is also funny and difficult and complex and wonderful and desperately sad and fortunate.

Thank you for knowing and writing.


Love this! It's about nothing...but everything! Very well done! :)

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