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Love it.


I. Love. It. I love everything about it. Great choice, you hoochie dancin' tattooed wonder. :)


That is a great tattoo!

Headless Mom

I love it too. Your tattoo, your explanation. All perfect and so, so you!


Simply, totally awesome....now I want one :)


I wanted to get a tattoo for my 30th birthday. That is four months shy of ten years ago. :/ The holdback is that I still don't know what I want, I only want to be able to see it. :)
That said, that is a perfect saying and I love the font. Perfect.


I like that you are happy! :)

Jennifer w.

Carmen, as you know we have almost nothing in common -- unmarried, no kids, quasi anti organized religion, liberal, LA girl -- but I love your perspective, your stories, and your viewpoint. We don't always agree -- but of course not. We're different people.
And I freakin' love that tattoo! We should ALL be the hero in our own stories! Women and men. Of course. Who else can be responsible for our stories? It doesn't diminish your husband. It makes him the stud that "got" such a strong woman. I ask my students frequently -- "who are you in charge of?"
Ourselves. It's always only ourselves. :-)


Carmen, with all due respect, if you believe in equal pay and equal rights for women, YOU ARE A FEMINIST. Feminism is about the choice to make the decision that is right for you. It's not about hating men, or burning bras, or being "militant". I really expected better from you, to be honest.

Take a gander at this piece, which is probably the best-written piece on feminism I've seen:


Leighann Morris

It's perfect for you. <3 And you ARE doing it, Carmen! Every day you show me how to rescue myself just by doing everything you do the way YOU want!

Michelle M



Awesome! I have three particular tattoos I want. I don't have any yet.


Great looking tat! I have 4 & am saving up for my 5th this summer!

I think being told you dance like someone is stuffing dollars in their panties is a compliment. Means you have your sexy going on & that's a good thing!


glad that it is right for you and it makes you happy!


I might copycat you for my 40th because that tattoo is that awesome. So happy for you! xo


I love that sentiment. I think you posted it on FB a while back. In my opinion it has nothing to do with feminism or men it has to do with taking ownership of one's life.


Love the tat and the font!


Just so you know for future reference, Carmen, no feminist ever burned a bra. Check out snopes:


Otherwise, what Lia said.

Congrats on the tat.

Jen S

Why aren't there apostrophes? Is that a typewriter font thing? Love the sentiment though.

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