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I hadn't thought about Nia Vardalos, but we have that Orthodox thing in common, so that would be cool. I've always wanted to meet Anne Lamott, too. I believe that would either be phenomenal, or phenomenally disappointing.

becky dunnell

Stephen King would be an interesting choice...otherwise, I would want to dine and dish with JK Rowling! Love the HP series and would love the chance to "pick her brain" about various aspects of my fandom.


I am with you on Stephen King - I have all his books, some even in hardcover, and know when each new release is coming.
Never was a horror fan before, but I think his books are more than just horror stories....


I'd choose Mayim Bailik. I read her blog occasionally, and she seems very real to me. She's a Jewish, vegan mom who loves her kids and just so happens to have a job on TV. She writes in her blog the way I write in my journal sometimes, and that is a definite draw to me.


I would like to meet Martha Stewart, just to see what she's really like.

Carmen (not Stacier) ;-)

It depends... Are we talking dead or alive? Dead, I would choose Frida Kahlo because I've had fertility issues and her paintings about her struggles have always struck me so personally. Alive, it would have to be Vandana Shiva, someone like her making such a difference in our world sounds so fascinating to me. Oh wait? How famous were you hoping for? I don't guess either of my two ladies is particularly famous by todays media standards.......

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